Warriors Tie 2-2 With Cavs In Basketball Finals

basketball game 4

The Warriors and Cavaliers played a great Game 4 on Thursday night, but with the help of Andre Iguodala and Stephen Curry, the Warriors were able to beat LeBron James 103 to 82. It was great to watch that level of basketball being played, with both teams showing great offense. The one thing that caught the Cavs off guard was the better defense, and they just couldn’t shake it off.

Timofey Mozgov and LeBron James were top scorers for their team, with 28 and 20 points respectively, but it was not enough to get a good lead. The Warriors simply had a much better overall offense, where every player on the court was able to score and maintain possession.

Fans could have been worried after seeing the Cavs win two games in a row, but it seems the Warriors are back on track and ready for victory. With Game 5 coming up on Sunday, it will be a tough match for LeBron; he is an amazing player, but without a great team backing him up, he will not likely win.

Be sure to keep up with the latest NBA scores, highlights, and stats, as this basketball final is set to be amazing. Check out the player scores for Game 4 here.

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