Tracy McGrady wants to win an NBA title with the Los Angeles Lakers

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This past NBA season was pretty difficult for some prominent veteran NBA superstars as they tried to either resurrect their career or start over with another team altogether. The three names that come to mind before any others are Allen Iverson, Shaquille O’Neal and Tracy McGrady. All three of these All-Star caliber players changed teams this past season and even though Shaq was able to make it into the playoffs, McGrady and Iverson’s seasons ended much differently with retirement on their minds.

Allen Iverson finished last season in controversial fashion as he played for two different teams in the Memphis Grizzlies and the Philadelphia 76ers. Despite going back to Philly, where he once loved to play and was loved by the fans, Iverson failed to impress anyone as the team still missed the playoffs and the four-time scoring champion’s future was in serious question.

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Not only was AI unable to finish the season, but he also got a divorce and had to deal with unknown medical issues with his daughter. Iverson’s future in the league is uncertain as of right now, but he has said that he intends to play next season.

Iverson: good guy gone?

Tracy McGrady on the other hand is a free agent for the first time in a long time and even though he still might end up with the New York Knicks in what might strictly be a backup role to one of the big-name free agents they might sign this offseason like Joe Johnson, the superstar free agent has one team in mind that he would love to play for next season.

The defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers are still in celebration mode right now after winning their second straight NBA title, but even though they are looking forward to an offseason of some much needed rest, GM Mitch Kupchak has a few free agent possibilities that he has to look into immediately.

The first free agent that has been mentioned as possibly the newest member of the Los Angeles Lakers bench is Tracy McGrady. Even though McGrady isn’t exactly a player that fits into the Lakers needs right now, he would definitely be a huge boost off the bench for the defending champs. The one position that the Lakers are looking into finding an upgrade for is at point guard as they may not be re-signing Jordan Farmar if another team makes a big offer at the two-time NBA champ.

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Another hurdle for the Lakers in signing Tracy McGrady is already having Shannon Brown and Sasha Vujacic coming off the bench for Kobe Bryant. McGrady is obviously a better all around player than both Brown and Vujacic, but the Lakers will probably shop Sasha in the offseason and Brown knows how to play his role.

The Lakers will almost certainly be making some moves this offseason, possibly some big ones with All-Stars like Chris Bosh and Chris Paul being mentioned in potential trades, but picking up McGrady as a free agent would be interesting to say the least as he would be instant offensive off the bench for Los Angeles as long as he can stay healthy.

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