Tracy McGrady to the Magic?

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Staff Writer:  Ryan Ward

The NBA regular season is quickly coming to an end and the playoffs are right around the corner, but even though the new NBA champion might be crowned at the end of the season, a lot of people are thinking about what’s going to happen starting July 1st when all the big name free agents become available to the highest bidder.

Obviously the one name that gets mentioned constantly talking about the upcoming free agent market is the Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James as he is without a doubt the best player of the bunch and arguably the best player in the NBA today.

Depending on where LeBron James goes next season the league could look completely different and teams like the New York Knicks could become a superpower in the Eastern conference once again. Even though it is pretty much a long shot at this point that LeBron James will sign with the New York Knicks when he becomes a free agent, is still very likely and that could definitely change destinations for other big name players like current New York Knicks guard Tracy McGrady.

Throughout his entire NBA career Tracy McGrady has been a dominant scorer in the NBA, but he is also been extremely injury prone and a risk for every team that he has been on.

Despite having some success with the Houston Rockets, McGrady was never healthy enough to lead the team to championship caliber like many people believe they would be with the combination of McGrady and Yao Ming.

This season Houston Rockets had enough with waiting for Tracy McGrady to get healthy and when he finally became healthy the team decided it was time to part ways and the ultimately traded him to the New York Knicks in a three-way deal with the Sacramento Kings which brought Kevin Martin to the Houston Rockets.

The deal worked out for every single team involved as it could be said that everything got better which is the goal one involved in the trade anyway, but Tracy McGrady future is still very much up in the season final year of his contract and if New York Knicks not extend that contract or re-sign him he will become a free agent starting July 1st.

It is uncertain how many teams would be willing to take a chance on injury prone superstar like Tracy McGrady but there have been a lot of rumors flying around of possible destinations like with his old team the Orlando Magic where he won to scoring titles.

Obviously the Orlando Magic don’t really need him with all the talent they on that team, but Tracy McGrady could be a welcome addition to the bench and maybe find his way back into the starting lineup if he can stay healthy long.

Along with being on the very good team with a shot contending for a title every single season, McGrady will also reunite with his cousin Vince Carter who he played with on his first-team the Toronto Raptors.

So the pieces to the puzzle of there which will almost certainly interest McGrady if he does not sign but the New York Knicks. It will be interesting to see where the two-time scoring champ will end up this summer.

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