Top NBA Fantasy Betting Picks

GSW Stephen Curry top fantasy pick for point guard and shooting guard.
Basketball fantasy picks

With the start of October comes the start of the basketball season, and as the NBA players start to warm up for the regular season, the fans are starting to warm up their fantasy teams and leagues. Based off of the performances so far during the preseason, and how well they performed last season, there are certain players that will always rank high when trying to pick them for your fantasy team. Here are the top 5 players for each position:

Rank Player

Point Guard

1 Stephen Curry
2 Russell Westbrook
3 Chris Paul
4 Damian Lillard
5 John Wall

Shooting Guard

1 Stephen Curry
2 James Harden
3 Klay Thompson
4 Paul George
5 Jimmy Butler

Small Forward

1 LeBron James
2 Kevin Durant
3 Klay Thompson
4 Paul George
5 Kawhi Leonard

Power Forward

1 Anthony Davis
2 LeBron James
3 Kevin Durant
4 DeMarcus Cousings
5 Blake Griffin


1 Anthony Davis
2 DeMarcus Cousins
3 Chris Bosh
4 Serge Ibaka
5 Marc Gasol

These are some of the best players you will find in the NBA, so don’t be surprised if they are already gone by the time it is your turn to draft players. However, the good thing is that you can check out the top 20 picks for each position here, so you can always have a few backups just in case. There will always be players that have an amazing season, but were relatively unknown before. Here are four players that are the breakout candidates:

  • Isaiah Thomas, PG, Boston Celtics
  • Victor Oladipo, SG, Orlando Magic
  • Andrew Wiggins, SF, Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Harrison Barnes, SF, Golden State Warriors

Be sure to have your selections ready, seeing as how games are already being played, and the regular season will be here before you know it. It is always a good time to start making the best fantasy basketball team you can.

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