Real Madrid Basketball Franchise Could Join NBA

Real Madrid basketball game
Real Madrid Basketball team

The United States may not be the only country involved in the NBA basketball tournament in the near future, as the sport has gotten extremely popular in Spain. It has gotten so popular, in fact, that one Spanish club has made it its goal to join as another franchise in the NBA. Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has stated that there are very good chances they could join the world renown league in the world.

As such, Real Madrid is scheduled to play against the Boston Celtics in October, where Perez is rumored to pitch his proposal to Commissioner Adam Silver. Perez is known as a ruthless businessman in the football world in Europe, so he may have a strategy when delivering his proposal, so that Silver will have no choice but to accept.

This would certainly open the doors towards getting more international teams involved in the NBA, who prides itself in claiming that they have the best teams in the world. The Association has always wanted to expand into international waters, ever since David Stern was commissioner. Some of the main reasons that the sport is getting so much attention overseas:

  • More international players being signed to big NBA teams.
  • Olympic basketball becoming much more widespread and competitive, promoting the sport in other countries.

One of the proponents that make people want to merge Spain and U.S. markets would have to be Spanish player Pau Gasol. Gasol recently showed his true talent and skill when the Spanish national team beat France 80-75 in the final of EuroBasket 2015, and will then proceed to go to the 2016 Olympic Games. He is one of the reasons that many young people are getting more and more involved in basketball, as they look up to him; just like many look up to the many great football players.

It would be great to actually see the NBA become a truly international sport with franchises from all over the world.

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