Phil Jackson tells Andrew Bynum to take it easy

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Staff Writer:  Ryan Ward

The defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers came into their title defense season with high hopes of becoming champions once again, but playing in two consecutive NBA finals and more games than any other team in the past two years has really started take its toll on arguably the best team in the NBA.

It is no easy task to get through and 82 game regular season and then try and compete in the playoffs we have to play at least four games each round, but the Los Angeles Lakers have pulled it off pretty nicely up to this point and look like they have a legitimate shot of repeating as NBA champs.

The one big problem the Lakers have had this season has been constant injuries to some of their best players like Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. With these three guys been on the sidelines at separate times during the season the Lakers have had to adjust their rosters and act according as the season must move on the team must continue to win.

Obviously the biggest blow was will lose a player like Kobe Bryant who is arguably the best player in the league right, but ironically the team was able to play much better with Kobe on the sideline hasn’t motivated the team to try and counter those 27 points per game in defense of intensity that Kobe brings every night.

Over the past two seasons the one player that hasn’t been able to stay healthy consistently and is sorely missed when he is out is center Andrew Bynum. At one point in time this kid was the youngest player in the NBA and had a very promising future as he quite possibly could be the future of the Los Angeles Lakers franchise when Kobe Bryant decides to hang them up.

Unfortunately, Bynum just can’t stay healthy and has really hurt the Lakers especially heading into the playoffs as it seems the big kid always gets hurt when the postseason is about to start.

When the Los Angeles Lakers made all the way to the NBA finals in 2008, Andrew Bynum went down with a knee injury that kept him out the entire playoffs and finals which was a huge blow as the Lakers just couldn’t guard the Boston Celtics in the paint and really missed Bynum’s presence.

Last season Bynum went down with a similar knee injury around same time, but was able to get back in the mix for the playoffs and help the Lakers win an NBA title.

This season Bynum has once again gotten hurt and could come back before the end of the NBA regular season, but Phil Jackson has decided that maybe he should stay on the bench for little while longer as the Lakers really don’t need to risk is injury and games that really don’t make any difference as the Lakers aboard eclipse the number one spot in the Western Conference.

So despite being healthy enough to get back on the floor, Andrew Bynum and most likely rest until Lakers really need him when it counts the most.

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