Phil Jackson must take pay cut to continue coaching the Los Angeles Lakers

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Staff Writer: Ryan Ward

Unlike in years past, head coaching in professional sports is no longer a job in which is given much leeway or wiggle room as it is arguably the most cutthroat of any position in professional sports today.

Rarely do you see head coaches in either of the MLB, NFL or especially the NBA keep their head coaching jobs for longer than 3 to 5 years. Even though this is the case for the majority of the franchises in sports today, occasionally you get a head coach who wins consistently and never seems to have their job in jeopardy.

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In the NBA, their only a handful of these kind of head coaches like Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs, Jerry Sloan of the Utah Jazz and most notably Phil Jackson of the defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers.

All three of his head coaches are amongst the best in the league and basically have the best job security in the NBA today, but despite them being worth their weight in gold, times are tight and pay can get cut no matter how good you are.

There’s no doubting that Phil Jackson is by far the best head coach in the NBA today. With 10 NBA titles, four with the Los Angeles Lakers and six with the Chicago Bulls, Phil Jackson has surpassed Red Auerbach in the NBA titles category and will most likely go down the best NBA coach of all-time.

With that being said, he deserves to be the highest-paid head coach in the NBA as he consistently puts a winning team on the floor and always seems to have a chance at winning an NBA title. Although this is the case, the Los Angeles Lakers head coach is making $12.5 million this season, Phil Jackson has been told by Lakers owner Jerry Buss that he will have to take a considerable pay cut next season if he wants to coach Lakers moving forward.

Now Phil Jackson is not a flashy guy and doesn’t throw money around which makes most people believe that he really doesn’t consider money to be a big factor at this point in his career, but there is no doubt in my mind that any other team in the league would be willing to pay $12.5 million a season if not considerably more for head coach like the Zen Master on the sideline.

Before any of this pay cut talk was getting mentioned, Phil Jackson addressed the fact that he might possibly be considering retirement after this season, especially if the Los Angeles Lakers failed to win their second consecutive NBA title.

With 10 NBA titles to his credit, Phil Jackson really doesn’t have much left to prove at this point, but winning three in a row for the fourth time in his Hall of fame career would definitely be a way to go out on top.

As of right now, the Los Angeles Lakers look like they have a great chance of winning their second consecutive NBA title so they might not have to worry about Phil Jackson returning for another season, but then again I wouldn’t be surprised to see him call it quits after winning his 11th NBA title.

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