NCAA Men’s Basketball: Sweet Sixteen Team’s Ready

Sweet Sixteen Men's College Basketball
NCAA Basketball Sweet Sixteen

The first two rounds of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament are over with, leaving only 16 team’s with the possibility of moving on to the Final. The next few days, each team will rest and prepare for their upcoming difficult games. There were a few upsets between Round of 64 and Round of 32.

Despite this, the Sweet Sixteen round promises many competitive matches. The games and schedule are:

Midwest 1 Kentucky

5 West Virginia

March 26

9:45 PM

3 Notre Dame

7 Wichita St.

March 26

7:15 PM

West 1 Wisconsin

4 North Carolina

March 26

7:47 PM

6 Xavier

2 Arizona

March 26

10:17 PM

East 8 N.C. State

4 Louisville

March 27

7:37 PM

3 Oklahoma

7 Michigan St.

March 27

10:07 PM

South 1 Duke

5 Utah

March 27

9:45 PM


2 Gonzaga

March 27

7:15 PM

Pick your favorite teams, and hope they make it to the Elite Eight. This is the time when most should place bets on the college basketball lines, seeing as how you should have a good idea of how each team will play the rest of the tournament.

Don’t forget to stay up to date on the games, scores, and outcomes.

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