NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Final: Wisconsin vs. Duke

March Madness final game 2015
NCAA Basketball Final

After five very intense games, the Wisconsin Badgers and the Duke Blue Devils have made it to the Championship final of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. It was certainly not an easy road that these two college teams had to go down to get here, but they played amazingly well.

The game will be played on April 6, in Indianapolis; home of the NCAA headquarters. Despite all efforts for one man to receive a very large payout, and the enjoyment of thousands of fans, Michigan State was unable to defeat Duke in the Final Four round. It was a competitive match, but ultimately Duke’s offense and defense were simply better.

The one surprise is that the favorite, Kentucky, did not make it to the final, but instead Wisconsin made a great effort on the court and beat them by 7 points. How it happens most years, the top teams make it to the final yet again; other than that year where all the underdogs started winning, this is pretty much the trend.

The odds are slightly in Winsconsin’s favor, where most sportsbooks are playing it safe and simply giving them a (-1) point spread. It will basically be left up to which team wins, rather than by how many points they win. Seeing as how both teams are quite evenly matched, it would seem the game might come down to a one point difference.

You can watch the final college basketball match live here.

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