NCAA Basketball Tournament, Elite Eight Round Tough Competition

Elite Eight round of NCAA tournament
NCAA Basketball Elite Eight

College basketball fans rejoice! The Elite Eight round is about to start tomorrow, along with the eight best team’s in the nation. As the team’s get ready for their upcoming battles, so do their fans, whether they are at home or at Las Vegas placing a few bets. Being the most watched tournament, even more than the NBA, March Madness is truly incredible to watch.

The teams and matchups for the Elite Eight round are:


1 Kentucky

3 Notre Dame

March 28

8:49 PM


1 Wisconsin

2 Arizona

March 28

6:09 PM


4 Louisville

7 Michigan St.

March 29

2:20 PM


1 Duke

2 Gonzaga

March 29

5:05 PM

A lot of basketball fans have been watching closely, that includes the sportsbooks. Kentucky is actually given the best odds of beating Notre Dame, as well as given odds of 5/7 of winning the entire tournament. We have learned that there are no certainties when it comes to March Madness, as there are always upsets when you least expect them.

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