NBA Tries To Expand Basketball Popularity To Africa

NBA game in Africa
Basketball Africa Game

It seems the NBA is making a big entrance into South Africa, despite it favoring soccer. On Saturday, the Team Africa vs. Team World basketball game was being played, where the tickets sold out in less than hour, making a huge success. However, this doesn’t mean that the sport is completely welcomed.

The night before the All-Star NBA game, a match between Egoli Magic and the Tshwane Sunsm who are part of the Basketball National League (BNL) was played. If you wanted to go watch the game, it would be no problem at all as it was completely free.

Despite it being free, attendance only reached 1,000 people, which was not enough to fill the local stadium. It seems that within South Africa many are still not keen on going to local and national games, and much prefer watching their NBA heroes battle it out.

This is actually a big step forward for basketball as a sport in a country dominated by soccer, as the fans have been increasing each year. If the NBA and the national league in other countries were to continue working together, this may help impulse the the sport even further.

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