NBA Trade Rundown

Staff Writer: Jeremiah Ira Yap

Three team trade involving the Knicks, Kings and Rockets

The New York Knicks get: Tracy McGrady and Segio Rodriguez

McGrady will get the opportunity to showcase his skills for a new team in the summer. He does not fit in the future plans of the Knicks and his $23 million-plus contract will come off the shelf after the season. McGrady’s arrival in New York works both ways.

The Knicks will save enough money in the summer to sign two high-priced free agents to max contracts. Let me drop a hint: one of them wears no. 23 for the Cavaliers. The Knicks are so far under the salary cap that they can wave huge loads of cash in the face of Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Amar’e Stoudamire. Whoever they plan to pair with LeBron James, the Knicks will be contenders. That’s if they coax James into signing with them.

Sergio Rodriguez is a slight upgrade over Chris Duhon. He has better court vision and a consistent shooter. Rodriguez rarely makes mistakes. He is a great addition to the Knicks.

The Sacramento Kings get: Carl Landry, Larry Hughes and Joey Dorsey

Carl Landry is a more than capable basketball player that can play above average defense and has nifty moves around the basket. He is averaging a career-high 16 points a game. Landry can play the third or fourth spot, but can’t really be used as a full time starter for either position because he is too short to play the power forward and too slow to play the small forward position. Other than that, Landry is a great role-player coming of the bench.

Larry Hughes belongs at the end of the bench. He is a streaky shooter and an overrated defender. Kings’ head coach Paul Westphal has to limit his minutes to the point that he doesn’t sulk and destroy the young chemistry in Sacramento.

Dorsey may contribute to the team but will be buried under Donte Greene and Jason Thompson’s minutes.

The Houston Rockets get: Kevin Martin, Jordan Hill, Hilton Armstrong, Jared Jeffries and draft picks

Kevin Martin is a young scorer that needs the ball in his hands to be effective in the half-court. Imagine the trouble the backcourt of Martin and point guard Aaron Brooks will cause against opponents. Both guards have superior speed and quickness but their smallish frames can be a problem on the defensive end. He is a young version of Tracy McGrady – great scorer but injury prone.

Jordan Hill is a rookie that does not fit his 8th pick draft status.

Jared Jeffries is a role-player that can occasionally hit 15 footers and can play above-average defense.

Trade between the Mavericks and Wizards

The Dallas Mavericks get: Caron Butler, DeShawn Stevenson and Brendan Haywood

Butler is virtually the same player Josh Howard is without the attitude. Butler is a professional and Dallas hopes that the move will re-energize him. He will take the scoring load of Jason Terry and Dirk Nowitzki. Jason Kidd will provide him with plenty of scoring opportunities.

Haywood is a tad better than Erick Dampier. He plays hard, rebounds well and can get you around two blocks a game.

The Washington Wizards get: Josh Howard, Drew Gooden (sent to the Clippers for Al Thornton), Quinton Ross and James Singleton

The Wizards are hoping that the change of scenery will also change Howard’s attitude. Howard is a versatile player that can slash and shoot when motivated. Although his last two seasons with the Mavericks have been marred with injury.

Gooden is an average defender and passable scorer. He demands the ball more then he really needs to.

Quinton Ross and James Singleton are bench players that were added to clear salary cap.

Trade between the Clippers and Trail Blazers

The Los Angeles Clippers get: Steve Blake and Travis Outlaw

Steve Blake will be a great back up to Baron Davis. Blake is a great shooter, but lacks the speed to play up-tempo.

Outlaw will provide another clutch scorer besides Baron Davis. He has been injured for most of the season, but is one of the most athletic players in the league when healthy.

The Portland Trail Blazers get: Marcus Camby

Great. The Blazers lose two injury prone centers early in the season only to acquire another injury prone center. When healthy, Camby can intimidate and block shots. But he is not a great positional defender and can get burned on single coverage. His thin frame will not help him against the likes of Pau Gasol and Nene in the Western conference.

Trade between the Timberwolves and Knicks

The Minnesota Timberwolves get: Darko Milicic

The Wolves get one of the biggest busts in NBA history. Milicic can’t wait for his contract to expire so he can return to Europe and never come back.

The New York Knicks get: Brian Cardinal

Traded to clear cap room.

Trade between the Cavaliers and Wizards

The Cleveland Cavaliers get: Antawn Jamison

Jamison is a much better fit for the Cavs than if they acquired Amar’e Stoudemire. His debut for the Cavs was a dud; he went 0 for 12 and failed to make any significant impact.

He will improve the Cavs once he gets to know his teammates and plays better. His shooting will take loads of LeBron James and Mo Williams. Jamison is comfortable with being the third option.

The Washington Wizards get: Zydrunas Ilgauskus

It will only be a matter of time before Ilgauskus will find himself in the Cavs roster before the playoffs starts. Cleveland needs Ilgauskus as insurance just in case Shaq gets injured – or decides to take the playoffs off.

Trade between the Wizards and Clippers

The Washington Wizards get: Al Thornton

Thornton showed a lot of promise during his stay with the Clippers. In his first game in a Wizards jersey, Thornton scored 21 points in a win over the Denver Nuggets.

The Cleveland Cavaliers acquired Sebastian Telfair from the Clippers for nothing

Telfair will be buried on the bench. The Cavs don’t need his services.

Trade between the Bobcats and Bulls

The Charlotte Bobcats get: Tyrus Thomas

Thomas is an underachiever. If Bobcats’ head coach Larry Brown can inject any sort of motivation in him, then Charlotte can finally move Gerald Wallace to his more natural small-forward position.

The Chicago Bulls get: Acie Law and Flip Murray

Acie Law is destined to be a bench player. He has had opportunities to show his talent but failed to display any sort of usefulness on the court. Murray will provide the Bulls with instant offense off the bench. But Bulls’ head coach Vinny Del Negro needs to limit his minutes to minimize his mistakes.

Trade between the Bulls and Bucks
The Milwaukee Bucks get: John Salmons
Salmons is a temporary replacement for sharpshooter Michael Redd. He will be given the license to shoot at all times since opposing defenses have zoned in on rookie Brandon Jennings. He scored 18 points in his debut for the Bucks.

The Chicago Bulls get: Joe Alexander and Hakim Warrick

The Bucks have given up on Joe Aelxander and his potential. In his limited minutes, he wasn’t able to show any sign of being able to play at the NBA level –great NBDL player though.

Hakim Warrick is an athletic player that can occasionally shoot and can rarely play defense. He is a slight upgrade over Tyrus Thomas.

The Charlotte Bobcats acquired Theo Ratliff from the Spurs for a second-round draft pick

Ratliff will provide veteran leadership but his minutes will be limited. If he plays around 10-15 solid minutes a game, then the Bobcats are winners of this exchange.

The Memphis Grizzlies acquired Ronnie Brewer from the Jazz for a draft pick

Brewer will help take minutes off Rudy Gay. His athleticism is welcome but his lack of skills will keep him from playing big minutes.

Trade between the Knicks and Celtics

The Boston Celtics get: Nate Robinson and Marcus Landry

Robinson is an explosive scorer but it’s his ball handling that the Celtics need. Eddie House doesn’t know how to set up an offense. Robinson is definitely an upgrade over House.

The New York Knicks get: Eddie House, J.R. Giddens and Bill Walker

The Knicks will add another shooter in House. JR Giddens and Bill walker are destined to finish their NBA careers on the bench.

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