NBA Trade Rumor: Is Carmelo Anthony headed to Hollywood?

The Denver Nuggets have been surrounded by all sorts of trade rumors over the past couple of months involving their superstar Carmelo Anthony. Most of these rumors have been because the soon to be free agent Carmelo has decided not to sign a contract extension with the Nuggets which would pay him $65 million dollars over the next three years.

With an annual income that will having Melo bringing in $20+ million dollars over the next three years, the money is not the problem, but the location is as the 26 year old All-Star would rather be playing in the Big Apple alongside Amare Stoudemire with the New York Knicks. Not only does Melo believe that he would have a better chance of winning a title with the Knicks, but the Big Apple has a soft spot in his heart as he played his college ball in New York at Syracuse.

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Even though the consensus around the league still seems to be that Melo will end up in New York one way or another, things just started to get very interesting with the two-time NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers showing interest in Carmelo Anthony.

It is no secret that the Lakers have struggled this season in their second straight title defence, but despite being well over .500 with a record of 36-16, they seem to be ready to make another blockbuster deal that could bring another superstar to Hollywood.

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Reportedly, the Lakers finally seem ready to part ways with their promising young center Andrew Bynum. The deal for Carmelo Anthony will be built around Andrew Bynum and possibly some other players like Shannon Brown, Lamar Odom and Nene Hilario.

This is all speculation at this point in time, but with Melo saying that he will not be signing with the Denver after this season, the Nuggets will have to get something done before the Feb. 24 NBA trade deadline.

The Los Angeles Lakers getting involved in the Carmelo Anthony trade talks definitely makes things much more interesting with the NBA trade deadline right around the corner, but even though Melo has said that he would sign an extension with the Lakers, the Knicks still seem to be his most likely destination.

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There is no question that the Lakers have some extremely valuable pieces to offer the Nuggets like Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown, but some people believe that this move might be just a way of making the Knicks offer more for Melo.

If the NBA trade deadline passes and Carmelo Anthony is still in Denver, the Knicks will benefit more than any team involved in these trade talks as they can just sign the All-Star without giving up any of their young players like Wilson Chandler, Landry Fields and Danilo Gallinari. So with that being said, the Knicks seem to be just waiting to see how things pan out, but if Melo ends up in Los Angeles they will have missed out an opportunity to bring another superstar to the Big Apple.

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