NBA Playoff Preview: Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat

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Staff Writer: Ryan Ward

The sand in the hour glass is starting to empty much quicker than anticipated for the Boston Celtics as they have gone from NBA superpower that won an NBA title a couple of years ago to a team full of aging veterans desperately holding on to title contender status.

Even though many people believe we are witnessing the end of a short era in Boston, the Celtics believe they still have a solid shot at competing for an NBA title and it would be hard to disagree with them.

When this season is all said and done with an NBA title back in Boston or not, the Celtics will almost certainly look very different next season as sharp shooter Ray Allen will be a free agent and Boston might go dipping into the talent packed free agent market starting July 1st.

With most teams in the NBA looking to upgrade in the offseason through free agency, the league might look drastically different next season and with that being said this could very well be the last time the Big Three (Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen) will be able to compete for an NBA title with the team still intact.

Kevin Garnett’s career and in the NBA is quickly coming to an end as is become more obvious that this body cannot hold up for an 82 game season anymore. This is a harsh realization for the Boston Celtics as they knew this time was coming even when they acquired it from the Minnesota Timberwolves a few years ago.

With that being said, the Boston Celtics will probably do all they can in the off-season to improve their roster in order to compete at the likes of the best teams in the East next season. One big change that might happen in the Atlantic division would be the New York Knicks becoming a superpower in the NBA once again if they can get their hands on LeBron James and another big name free agent like Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudemire.

If that happens, the future for the Boston Celtics will look drastically different as they will have to compete within their division all season long with the potential best team in league. Obviously this is something to think about in the summer starting July 1st, but in the meantime the Boston Celtics will put all their energy into figuring out how to beat the Miami Heat in a seven-game series.

Last season the Miami Heat looked like they could be a dark horse in the Eastern Conference as superstar guard Dwyane Wade had arguably his best season as a Pro.

Unfortunately, the success of the Miami Heat was short-lived and Wade and company went home early once again.

This season the Miami Heat played better than they did in this season previous as they were able to clinch a higher seed and look like they might be able to compete with the Boston Celtics in a seven-game series.

Personally, I still believe the Miami Heat are a couple pieces of the puzzle away from competing with teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic and Boston Celtics, but they might be able to make a series of this and win a couple of games.

Series Prediction: 4-2 Boston Celtics

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