NBA Free Agency: Basketball Players Getting Signed

LeBron James 2-year contract with Cavs
Basketball free agents

The Free Agency period started on July 1, and has been getting a lot of attention as there are plenty of big names being signed or re-signed by the different NBA teams. With the 2015 basketball salary cap being raised to $70 million, 11% over last years cap, will give the teams a lot of freedom when signing players. Some of the rumored free agents getting signed are:


Player Team Signed With Contract Details

July 4

LeMarcus Aldridge San Antonio Spurs 4-Years, $80 million
C.J. Watson Orlando Magic 3-Years, $15 million
Bismack Biyombo Toronto Raptors 2-Years, $6 million

July 5

Reggie Jackson Detroit Pistons 5-Years, $80 million
Lou Williams Los Angeles Lakers 3-Years, $21 million
Rodney Stuckey Indiana Pacers 3-Years, $21 million

July 6

Joe Ingles Utah Jazz Unknown
Cory Joseph Toronto Raptors 4-Years, $30 million
J.J. Barea Dallas Mavericks 2-Years, $5.6 million
David West San Antonio Spurs $1.4 million
Marc Gasol Memphis Grizzlies 5-Years, $100 million

July 8

Alan Anderson Washington Wizards 1-Year, $4 million
Wesley Johnson Los Angeles Clippers Unknown
Mo Williams Cleveland Cavaliers 2-Years, $4.3 million
Leandro Barbosa Golden State Warriors 1-Year, $2.5 million
Manu Ginobili San Antonio Spurs 1-Year, Unknown

July 9

DeAndre Jordan Los Angeles Clippers 4-Years, $88 million
Luis Scola Toronto Raptors 1-Year, $3 million
Anthony Davis New Orleans Pelicans 5-Years, $145 million
Gerald Green Miami Heat 1-Year, Unknown

July 10

LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers 2-Years, $47 million
Wesley Matthews Dallas Mavericks 4-Years, $70 million
Drew Gooden Washington Wizards 1-Year, $3.3 million

Fans can keep up with the trades as soon as they are a rumor, and then get confirmation a little later on. It is important to know which players go to which teams, as it will determine how well the 2015 basketball season will be played, and if any NBA team will improve or not with the addition of key players.

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