NBA Basketball Finals Start Tonight; Cavs Vs GSW

basketball championship finals

Game #1 of the NBA championship finals is set to start tonight at 8:00 pm, so be sure to pull up a seat to watch the two best basketball teams compete for the ultimate victory. The Cleveland Cavaliers will be playing against the Golden State Warriors, where both teams dominated during the playoffs.

Many fans are wondering exactly how good LeBron James and the Cavs will be against the GSW and their overall powerful players. Without Kevin Love, as he is out with injury, it may be a long shot for the Cavaliers to win. It would seem that all of the sportsbooks also agree that it will be a tough battle for LeBron and his team.

According to Bovada, GSW is given best odds of winning with -220 odds, and a point spread of -51/2 points. The players are healthier, and their starters are in top shape. They also have a very impressive offense, but the Cavaliers could take advantage of their weaker defense; more specifically with rebounds.

The first game of the series is one of the more interesting, as the players will be at their peak, no fatigue or injury. Keep track of the latest news, as well as other great details on the NBA Finals here.

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