Man Could Win $1 Million if Michigan State Wins NCAA Basketball Tournament

$20K bet to win $1 million on Michigan State to win March Madness
$20K bet on Michigan State

We all know that during highly competitive sporting tournaments there is betting, and more so when it comes to the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. Derek Stevens is a regular at the Golden Nugget’s sportsbook, where he occasionally goes in to place a sports bet. This time, he decided to put some money on March Madness, which is all the hype at the moment.

He saw that the odds at the time for Michigan State to win the championship were 50-1, so he decided to place $20,000 on them to go all the way. However, Stevens had to get special permission from the sportsbook owner, as they usually do not allow large wagers that could give them such enormous losses. He finally got approved and placed the bet, as you can see from the ticket stub above.

The basketball tournament is almost at the end, where they are on the Final Four stage, and one of the team’s are the Spartans. The favorite, Kentucky, will have a tough time against Wisconsin, but many believe they will pass to the final. This would have the underdog Michigan State against the tournament favorite Kentucky.

It would be unprecedented for this game to go to the Spartan team, but it could happen. Stevens must be getting very happy to see how his large bet is fairing, and will most likely be wearing white and green for the remainder of the college basketball tournament. We wish him good luck!

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