LeBron James wins NBA MVP award for the second straight season

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Over the past three years or so, the debate has raged on about who is the best player in the NBA. With so many talented players in the league today the debate has been very heated as players like Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have all played at a very high level and could make a case as the league’s best player.

Not since the days of Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls have we had a definitive answer was talking about the best player in the league. It wasn’t even a question coming into an NBA season that Michael Jordan would be the obvious choice for NBA MVP and even though you could say the same about Kobe Bryant over last four years or so, but the black mamba still only has one MVP to his credit.

One of the Main reasons for Kobe Bryant not having multiple MVPs is the emergence of players like Steve Nash (two MVPs), Dirk Nowitzki (one MVP), Tim Duncan (two MVPs) and LeBron James (two MVPs). All four of these players have completely turned around their team and become the cornerstone of their franchise. Every single year these players are by far the best players on their squad and help guide their team into the playoffs and a shot of competing for an NBA title.

Over the last two seasons, the Cleveland Cavaliers have turned into arguably the best team in the league has LeBron James has taken it to an entirely different level with a dominant game on both sides the floor. Everyone always knew that LeBron could dominate on the offensive end with his high fly act and incredible athletic ability, but the last two years he has really outdone himself on the defensive end of the floor and become a well-rounded NBA player.

Not since the days of Oscar Robinson and Magic Johnson have we seen a guard/forward that could dominate in so many ways on the basketball floor. LeBron may not have the shooting touch like Kobe Bryant or be the on-ball defender like the Black Mamba, but King James is quickly turning into the most dominant player in the NBA today.

Last season the Cleveland Cavaliers dominated in the regular season and were able to take that dominance into the first two rounds the playoffs, but were knocked out by the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference finals. As a result of LeBron’s dominance in the regular season, he was awarded with his first MVP.

This season the Cleveland Cavaliers put on a similar performance in the regular season and went into the playoffs as the first overall seed in the league. As a result, LeBron James is one his second consecutive MVP award and has a solid shot of winning his first NBA title.

With another extremely successful NBA regular season in the books for the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James and company want the face-off against the Boston Celtics in the second round of the playoffs after making quick work of the Chicago Bulls in the first round.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will definitely have their work cut out for them from here on out, but are still favored to go all the way and become NBA champs with all said and done.

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