Jamal Crawford wins NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year

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Staff Writer: Ryan Ward

The NBA is a league full of superstars like defending NBA champion Kobe Bryant, the Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets and most notably Lebron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers, but there are plenty of players that come off the bench don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Fortunately, despite not getting that much recognition for their impressive play off the bench, there is one award that is dedicated to giving this much needed recognition to the best bench players in the league.

Over the years, players like Leandro Barbosa of the Phoenix Suns, Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks Jason Terry have been the best bench players in the league and have dominated the race for the Sixth Man of the Year in the NBA.

Even though Jason Terry was more than capable of winning this award this season with his impressive play for the Dallas Mavericks once again off the bench, helping them get the second seed in the Western Conference, the Atlanta Hawks Jamal Crawford emerged as this season’s Sixth Man of the Year.

Not only do the Atlanta Hawks taken it to another level this season, but with Jamal Crawford coming off the bench the team just got even better as he became their closer when the game is on the line.

There is no doubt the Milwaukee Bucks have given the Atlanta Hawks a run for their money in a playoff series when they were favored to come out on top, but during the regular season the Hawks are as tough to beat as any team in the league especially on their home floor. Joe Johnson and company just seem to get it right after a few feeling of seasons in which they had early playoff exits.

The team chemistry is never been better and the Hawks are as dominant as they can be on both offense and the defense side of the basketball floor. With players like Joe Johnson, Al Horford, Mike Bibby and Josh Smith the Hawks have one of the most talented teams in the league, but Jamal Crawford was just the icing on the cake he brought that potent scoring punch off the bench and the killer instinct in late game situations.

It would be hard to argue that Kobe Bryant of the defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers isn’t the best closer basketball, especially after hitting a league best six game winners this season, but Crawford isn’t far off as he has just been money when the game is on the line for the Atlanta Hawks.

As if being one of the league’s best closers wasn’t enough to clinch the Sixth Man of the Year award for Jamaal Crawford, averaging 18 points and three assists off the bench my been enough to do just that.

It has taken nine NBA seasons in a lot of different teams, but Jamal Crawford is finally been able to make the playoffs but the Atlanta Hawks and winning the Sixth Man of the Year award was just another indication of what a great season he has had this year with his new team.

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