Is Steve Nash done in Phoenix?

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Staff Writer: Ryan Ward

Throughout the history of the NBA, there have been a lot of great point guards that have come and gone in this league and redefined the position of floor general in the process.

There are some point guards in NBA history that stick out amongst the rest like John Stockton of the Utah Jazz, Bob Cousy of the Boston Celtics and most notably Magic Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers. All three of these point guards dominated the game during their era and brought a new twist to the point guard position.

In my opinion, Magic Johnson was the one that’s had the lasting impression as he was a 6’ 9” point guard that can do literally anything on the floor and played any position if need be. Not only was Magic extremely versatile and virtually unguardable at times, but he is also a Hall of Famer and a five-time NBA champion which leaves him with one of the most impressive resumes of any point guard in NBA history.

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These days in the NBA we have seen a resurgence of great point guards at the position with some extremely talented young players coming into the league and dominating the backcourt. Amongst the best in the league right now is Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz, Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets, Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics and Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns.

Deron Williams, Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo have quite a few years ahead of them and the potential to be amongst the best at their position when it is all said and done, but the one player in the league at point guard who has redefined the point guard position in this era of basketball is Steve Nash.

With two NBA MVP awards and the consensus around the league as being the best point guard in the NBA over the past decade or so, Steve Nash has shown that point guard can dominated in this league once again and has inspired the young point guards of today to do the same.

Even though the point guards of today look more like scorers and then passers or have a great combination of the two skills, Steve Nash had the unique ability to do whatever is and his team needed him to do at any given moment. If the Phoenix Suns needed him to score 30+ points, Nash would get it done. If it’s the team required him to dish out 15+ assists, Nash was up to the task.

Unfortunately, like many great players before him, an NBA title has eluded this great point guard as he has been able to lead his team to the NBA Finals throughout his Hall of fame caliber career in the NBA.

Despite some people saying he’s on the downside of his career or near the end of
his career in the NBA, Steve Nash has been able to lead his team all the way to the Western Conference Finals this season, but have an enormous hill to climb against the defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers.

As of right now, things are not looking very good as the Phoenix Suns are simply outmatched and are basically on the verge of being eliminated, but one has to think that if the Phoenix Suns do get knocked out, will Steve Nash decide to call it quits.

Personally, unless Steve Nash goes to another team in more limited role, I really can’t see him winning an NBA title from here on out. The Phoenix Suns are a great basketball team with an ability to put up 120+ points on any given night and just run opposing teams out of the building, but their lack of defensive intensity and inability to play in the half court offense or a slower pace is their downfall.

It is uncertain what the future will hold for Steve Nash, one thing is for sure, the sand is quickly falling out of the hourglass in his career will come to an end sooner rather than later.

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