Is Carlos Boozer going to stay in Utah?

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With past couple of seasons has been a lot of speculation on whether or not former All-Star forward Carlos Boozer was going to stay with the Utah Jazz. It wasn’t really a matter of money poor choice Carlos
Boozer, but the fact that the team looking to get younger with the likes of youngster power forward Paul Milsap taking his place.

Boozer’s name has been mentioned many trade scenarios over the past couple of seasons and just recently when the trade deadline ended on February 18th, the Utah Jazz supposedly shopping him to the Miami Heat were looking to upgrade before the deadline ended.

Rumors had to go around that the Miami Heat are looking at getting All-Star forward/center Amare Stoudemire in a trade which was and would have involved Miami sending second-year man Michael Beasley and veteran center Jermaine O’Neal to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for Stoudemire.

Unfortunately, the deal didn’t go down as the Phoenix Suns for filling trade offers from all sorts teams including the Cleveland Cavaliers who are in desperate need of surrounding superstar Lebron James before that the NBA trade deadline ended.

Despite Amare Stoudemire’s name getting mentioned on a daily basis on Wednesday might land before the NBA trade deadline, he was the one superstar that stay put is all said and done in the dust settled.

Apparently though, Miami Heat were really trying to pry away Carlos Boozer from the Utah Jazz in their attempt to keep going Dwyane Wade in Miami after this summer when he becomes a free agent.

Unfortunately for the Heat, Utah Jazz may only one move by setting Ronnie Brewer to the Memphis grizzlies in exchange for draft picks which didn’t settle well with All-Star point guard Deron Williams who is good friends with Brewer. Not only was Williams on Brewer, the entire team felt almost betrayed when it jazz decided to trade him for something as little as draft picks.
Even though the trade which sent Ronnie Brewer to the Memphis grizzlies as no one that went down well with all the Utah Jazz teammates, the jazz are still a team in the Western Conference that will be a force to be reckoned with in all said and done in playoff time comes around.

The big question now is on the Utah Jazz and Carlos Boozer going to be up to come to an agreement when the time comes to keep the former All-Star forward in Utah the long-term.

The one player on the Utah Jazz as of right now that is untouchable, supposedly, is All-Star point guard Deron Williams, but if the jazz the collector some Boozer when the time comes or if he decides to move on the team to sign him to fairly big contract, could mean the end of Williams in Utah as well.

Obviously the Utah Jazz probably do everything in their power to keep these two superstars in the jazz uniform, but if they keep making decisions like they did with Ronnie Brewer the jazz could quickly turn into a mediocre team in the Western Conference.

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