Is Carlos Boozer better than David Lee?

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Staff Writer: Ryan Ward

The highly anticipated NBA free agent market is almost upon us and everyone is talking about where all the big-name free agents like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will be headed come July 1st.

Even though it is uncertain where any of these big-name free agent will playing next season, there are only a few teams in the league with the kind of money to lure in these superstars.

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Perhaps the most active team this summer will be the New York Knicks as they try and get back to dominant status in the Eastern Conference for the first time since the Patrick Ewing era. The Knicks may have had some success in the late 90s with Latrell Sprewell, Allan Houston, Marcus Camby and Larry Johnson a few years back, but they were unable to play consistently well and quickly fizzled out.

Now the New York Knicks are irrelevant once again and will be doing everything within their power to rebuild their franchise around one or two NBA big-name free agents this summer.

It is no secret that the New York Knicks will put all their efforts into trying to sign two-time NBA MVP LeBron James or one-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade this summer, but if they can’t convince one of these superstars to play in New York, they will be looking into signing big-name role players like Carlos Boozer to help bulk up the frontcourt.

It is uncertain whether or not Carlos Boozer is willing to stay with the Utah Jazz or even if they want him to stay, but one thing is for certain, Boozer will without a doubt be testing the free agent waters this summer.

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One of Boozer’s possible destinations this summer is the New York Knicks as he is a big fan of head coach Mike D’Antoni and would fit a need in the Knicks frontcourt. The one problem is that the Knicks are going after players like Amare Stoudemire and Chris Bosh at the forward position and have the ability to re-sign All-Star David Lee.

Recently, Carlos Boozer was quoted as saying that he was a better player than David Lee. The only reason I can think of for such a statement is that he is seriously considering signing with New York this offseason and Lee could be a big obstacle for Boozer’s attempt to sign with the Knicks.

Knicks center David Lee getting down to work.

Obviously there is plenty of room for both players in the frontcourt and Boozer would most likely sign for a much cheaper price compared to Amare Stoudemire or Chris Bosh. Amare might have the edge in this race though as he is familiar with D’Antoni’s system after playing for him a few years back in Phoenix.

There is no indication where the New York Knicks might be leaning towards this summer in terms of signing free agents, but they aren’t limited in options in both the forward and guard positions.

Personally, I believe the free agent situation in New York all depends on LeBron James and whether or not he is willing to continue his hall of fame caliber career in New York.

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