International Basketball Players Making Big Impact In NBA

International basketball players
Basketball International Players

It is always a good day when you see international names in the NBA Draft, especially if they are great basketball players to begin with. Sports is one of the aspects that make America great and why people love the country, as it gives many hope of getting a better life. This is why two players stand out when it comes to this aspect, with the majority of the NBA being players from within the US.

The first player, drafted during the first round in 2012, came to this country from Nigeria when he was 14 years old and is quickly becoming a famous name, Festus Ezeli. Ezeli is a center for the Golden State Warriors, and he was crucial in winning the 2015 NBA championship.

The second player, Satnam Singh came from India, a nation where basketball is hardly even mentioned as the children prefer to play cricket or rugby. He made history, especially for his small home town of Ballo Ke, as he was drafted during the second round of the 2015 Draft. He is not the only 7 foot person in his family, as he takes after his father.

We know that height doesn’t guarantee that you will be a good player, but apparently Singh is good enough to get drafted on to the Dallas Cowboys roster, so this international center will most definitely make a big debut in the NBA.

Basketball is quickly becoming more and more an international sport, and we certainly hope to see more players from other countries join the ranks in the professional league, as there is tons of talent everywhere.

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