How serious is Rajon Rondo’s injury?

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Staff Writer: Ryan Ward

Well, it is official, the defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics will meet again in the NBA Finals in what will be a rematch of 2008.

Even though most people were anticipating a Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers NBA finals, he would be hard to argue that the two best teams haven’t made it all the way to the NBA championship as the Celtics have proven themselves as a title contending team once again in the Lakers will make it to the NBA Finals for the third straight year.

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Not only will this be a highly anticipated matchup due to the rivalry between these two teams, but the Los Angeles Lakers will be looking to get some revenge for their 2008 loss where they were basically outmatched by much more driven Boston Celtics team.

Since their 2008 championship run, the Celtics have failed to live up to expectations as they have been ravaged with injuries ever since. The one injury that has plagued in the most over the last two seasons has been Kevin Garnett and his knee problems.

Fortunately for the Boston Celtics, Kevin Garnett has been healthy through the majority of the NBA playoffs so far that has really been the spark plug for the team in the first two rounds of the postseason.

During Eastern Conference Finals against the Orlando Magic though, KG really started to struggle in question start to arise about whether or not he was healthy enough to compete with the likes of Dwight Howard in the paint.

Despite all the rumors of a another injury for Kevin Garnett, the Boston Celtics were still able to advance to the NBA Finals after six games with the Orlando Magic and now have the defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers in their crosshairs once again.

Although Kevin Garnett will almost certainly still be a player the Boston Celtics will be concerned about in terms of injury, point guard Rajon Rondo will definitely get the bulk of their concern as he suffered an injured hip in game six of the Eastern Conference Finals and was noticeably in pain for the rest of the contest.

It is uncertain how serious Rondo’s hip injury is, but if the All-Star point guard hurt during the NBA Finals against the arch rival Los Angeles Lakers, his injury could be the turning point in the series as the Lakers will look to capitalize.

Throughout the NBA playoffs so far, Rajon Rondo has been arguably the best player for the Boston Celtics and the reason for the majority of their success in the postseason. No matter how often people underestimate Rondo’s ability both sides the floor, he continues to burn opposing defenses on a nightly basis and shred opposing offenses with his slashing and playmaking ability.

If Rajon Rondo is healthy coming into this NBA Finals series with the Los Angeles Lakers, he could be the Achilles heel for Phil Jackson’s squad as they have struggled against dominant point guards throughout the playoffs.

So in my opinion, the NBA Finals outcome could very well be determined by how healthy Rajon Rondo is and how well he can play against the Lakers defense.

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