How serious is LeBron’s elbow injury?

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Staff Writer: Ryan Ward

Whenever a big name player is injured during the NBA playoffs it can have serious affect because if it is the favored team that has the injured star player it could very well change the outcome of the playoff series.

The defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers have experienced this problem over the past couple of years as they’ve had to deal with young center Andrew Bynum going down with serious knee injuries in two consecutive seasons. Fortunately, despite not having Bynum in the paint when they needed him the most, the Lakers were able to go to two consecutive NBA finals and win one out of two.

This season the Lakers have been bitten by the injury bug once again as Kobe Bryant comes into the playoffs with multiple injuries which he’s been dealing with all season long. Obviously, Kobe is a bit tougher than Bynum when it comes to injuries and will play through almost anything, but he has noticeably slowed down and not been the dominant Kobe we all know.

Despite having Kobe banged up, the Los Angeles Lakers have been able to hang with the surprisingly good team in the Oklahoma City Thunder during the first round of the playoffs and still have a legitimate shot being NBA champs once again.

The Cleveland Cavaliers on the other hand, who are the favored to come out of Eastern Conference, have never really had to deal with major injuries since LeBron James came to town. Unfortunately, that has changed as the virtually indestructible LeBron has a recently injured elbow heading into their series with the Boston Celtics.

Reportedly, a few weeks back LeBron James injured his elbow in a game but thought the injury wasn’t all that serious and was still able to play through it. Of course, no one really knew of this injury as it didn’t affect his play like it has with Kobe Bryant, but in the last game of the Chicago Bulls series LeBron landed hard on his right arm reaggravated the elbow injury.

This obviously didn’t prevent the Cleveland Cavaliers from advancing as they still were able to beat the Chicago Bulls in game five, but he was noticeably in pain towards the end of that game and even had to shoot a free throw with his left hand because of it.

After game five of the Chicago Bulls series, LeBron James and MRI on his injured right arm and was diagnosed with a bone bruise on his elbow. This is not exactly a devastating injury to someone like LeBron was not exactly a dominant shooter, but it will almost certainly affect his shot when he does have to shoot and from the free-throw line where he frequents almost more than anybody in the game.

Anyone who’s ever played basketball knows that when you’re shooting arm as if it’s hurt that can be incredibly tough to play the way you know you can play. Obviously LeBron James is a home of the beast entirely nothing like a player we’ve seen in the league before, but he has not indestructible any candy hurt so this injury might greatly affect the way he can play against an already very physical Boston Celtics team who will look to put LeBron the floor with every opportunity they can.

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