Gilbert Arenas gets a slap on the wrist for gun altercation

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Staff Writer:  Ryan Ward

Coming into this NBA season, the Washington Wizards had high hopes of becoming a playoff team once again as they had their superstar guard Gilbert Arenas finally back healthy and ready to contribute.

Along with Arenas being healthy once again, the Wizards were also looking forward to the contributions of their other big name players like Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison.

Despite having high hopes for this season and being considered by some as a playoff team at the beginning of the year, the Wizards had no idea what they were in for this season as everything went to hell a lot sooner than anyone could have predicted.

Even though the Washington Wizards had all their superstars back healthy and ready to compete as a playoff team in the Eastern conference once again, things didn’t exactly work out that way even before the season took a nightmare turn with Gilbert Arenas getting in some off court troubles and ultimately being suspended for the rest of the season.

For some reason, even though the Wizards had three very talented players and some promising young players, Washington just couldn’t pull it together and became one of the worst teams in the league once again.

It seemed that no matter what happened, the Washington Wizards were destined to fall apart and eventually trade away any player of significant value. This season was a failure from start to finish, but no one could’ve predicted exactly what would’ve happened if everything didn’t head into a downward spiral.

When he is on his game, Gilbert Arenas is among the best players in the NBA with the ability to be a distributor and then asked the scoring machine when he needs to be. With the prospect of Arenas been back on his game after suffering from injury after injury, the Wizards took a gamble and signed him to a $110 million contract over seven years.

Not only was it a huge risk to sign players to a contract for that much money, but with Arenas is injury problems it seemed almost ridiculous to sign up for that amount and for the long-term.

Regardless of many other opinions around the league, the Wizards signed him anyway took a big chance, but ultimately the decision to sign Arenas to this ridiculous big contract may have blown right back in their face.

Early in the season Gilbert Arenas got into an altercation with teammate Jarvis Crittenton in the Wizards locker room. Even though this is something that happens from time to time in professional and collegiate sports, the severity of this altercation was extremely to say the least as both players pulled guns on each other over a gambling debt of all things.

Needless to say, the league frowned upon this and the authorities got involved and charged both players.

Recently the verdict of this case with Arenas was brought down and the former All-Star Agent Zero was basically given nothing more than a slap on the wrist as he will serve absolutely no jail time. As a result, Arenas will have to stay at a halfway house for 30 days and will be on probation for two years.

Well, the verdict has been given an Arenas has dodged the bullet, no pun intended, but despite all this off court trouble, the Wizards want to stick with their guy and keep him in a Wizards uniform.

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