Game 6 Of The NBA Finals Could Be The End For The Cavaliers

basketball game 6

As the Golden State Warriors have done an amazing job while on the road and winning Game 4, 103-82 and Game 5, 104-91, leaving the Cavaliers in a dangerous position. If they do not win tonight’s Game 6, it could mean the end of basketball season one game early, and giving the Warriors the NBA title.

Many fans may believe the Cavs could have the home court advantage, but with the Warriors on the road performance, they are being given 4 points in their favor. It does not bode well for LeBron James, despite posting up impressive stats in Game 5; with 40 points, 14 rebounds, and 11 assists.

LeBron may not be able to keep the Cavs above water, as he is impressive, but a one-man team can’t beat Iguodala and Curry. If the rest of his teammates can pull it together and give LeBron some backup, and even take the lead at curcial times, it would be more than enough to get the win.

As of now, the Warriors are being given the best odds of winning, but weirder things have happened. For those basketball fans that also bet, you can try your luck at Bovada.

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