First Round of NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Underway

2015 NCAA Men's Tournament
NCAA Basketball Round of 64

March Madess officially started on March 19, with the first basketball games of the Round of 64 being played. Today there will be many more games to decide who will get to move onto the next stage of the tournament. So far, the games have been quite exhilarating, with many close games.

So far everything has gone mostly according to plan, with only a few upsets:

  • 14 Georgia State beat 3 Baylor, 57-56.
  • 10 Ohio St. beat 7 VCU, 75-72.
  • 11 UCLA beat 6 SMU, 60-59.
  • 14 UAB beat 3 Iowa St., 60-59

None of these upsets were by more than a few points, showing that both teams seemed to struggle throughout the game. It seems that regardless of the ranking they are given, each team was matched up pretty well. There were also a few blow-outs, but nothing terrible so far.

We will find out who moves on to the Round of 32 by the end of the night, as the last few games are played. Round of 32 is set to begin tomorrow, March 21, so the teams that play today will not get much rest between games, but I do not think that will matter when they are playing their best each time.

Keep your bracket updated by comparing it here, or you can watch the live games at (US only).

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