Doug Collins agrees to be head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers?

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In professional sports these days there are few announcers or analysts that really show you their understanding of the game whether it be in the MLB baseball, NFL football or NBA basketball.

Even though many of these famous announcers are no longer around like John Madden in the NFL or Chick Hearn for the Los Angeles Lakers, there are still a few that really seem to get the job done right like Vince Scully of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Doug Collins and Marv Albert covering the NBA.

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With MLB baseball, it is much easier to get an announcer or commentator which you come to know and love as the games are played on a daily basis and you just get used to hearing a familiar voice which become synonymous with a baseball team. In the NFL, it is more of the Sunday and Monday thing where you just get used to hearing that voice that has become synonymous with the entire league like John Madden was before he retired. In the NBA, you have announcers of certain teams like Chick Hearn who was an NBA and Lakers legend for his coin terms and enthusiasm during Lakers games.

These days in the NBA there only two names that really get you going and keep you well informed on the announcers bench and that is Marv Albert and Doug Collins. Unfortunately, that will no longer be the case as Doug Collins has agreed to become the new head coach of his former team in the Philadelphia 76ers.

Back in 1973, Philadelphia 76ers drafted Doug Collins with the first overall pick and he went on to become an All-Star and played for eight years on the professional level before going down with a knee injury that ended his NBA career.

Not since the beginning of the decade has Doug Collins been patrolling the sideline for an NBA franchise. During his head coaching career in the NBA, Collins has coached for the Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons and the Washington wizards.

Even though he hasn’t had much success as a head coach in this league he still has a winning record of 332-287 and is a very respected man in this league for his knowledge of the game.

The Philadelphia 76ers went through a lot of candidates for the new head coach, but decided to go with a familiar face and Doug Collins believe he’s the right guy to turn around the struggling NBA franchise.

One of the most promising things for Doug Collins heading into Philadelphia is that the 76ers will have the second overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft. Unfortunately, they probably won’t build get their hands on Kentucky Wildcats point guard John Wall, but they will almost certainly get an extremely talented player and could possibly go with Evan Turner out of Ohio State.

Needless to say, Doug Collins will be starting fresh with a promising young player, but he will be sorely missed at the announcers table as he is personally my favorite NBA announcer.

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