Could LeBron James be headed to the Los Angeles Clippers?

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Staff Writer: Ryan Ward

Over the past couple of decades, the Los Angeles Clippers have basically been nothing more than a joke in the NBA as they have made wrong decisions with their trades, draft picks and free agent signings. No matter what they have tried to do to improve their struggling NBA franchise, it consistently seems to blow up in their face.

Last season, the Clippers once again had the first overall pick in the NBA Draft and as a resulted drafted arguably the best all around player available in the Oklahoma Sooners superstar forward Blake Griffin. This was a no brainer move for the Clippers as Griffin addressed a frontcourt need and could very well be one of the next superstars in this league.

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Despite the Clippers finally making the right move during the NBA Draft, it once again blew up in their face as Blake Griffin went down with a fractured kneecap in the preseason and didn’t play a single game in his rookie season.

Needless to say, the Los Angeles Clippers limped their way through
yet another extremely disappointing season as they were unable to make the playoffs or any kind of impact in the Western Conference once again.

Even though the Clippers had another forgettable season typical of their lowly NBA franchise, next season looks to be very promising for Baron Davis and company as the team will finally be healthy and might have a huge addition to the starting lineup.

Not only will Blake Griffin most likely be ready to go for the season opener, but the Los Angeles Clippers might have one of the best starting five in the league with the addition of two-time NBA MVP LeBron James.

There are still a few weeks left before NBA free agents can start talking and signing with other teams, but the speculation and anticipation has reached a fever pitch level as all eyes are on LeBron James and what he might do come July 1st.

There are only a few teams in the running to sign LeBron James this summer with the New Jersey Nets, Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks leading the way, but the Los Angeles Clippers have the money and the talent to surround arguably the best player in the league.

The one problem for LeBron heading to Los Angeles is he would have to share the spotlight and the city of LA with arguably the most popular player in the world in Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers.
Obviously, Kobe Bryant only has about four or five years left in his hall of fame caliber career, but that might be just enough to convince LeBron to go elsewhere.

The frontrunner for LeBron James right now seems to be the New York Knicks as it is his favorite city to play in, has the biggest market in the NBA and will have enough money to pay LeBron and another big-name free agent. If LeBron goes to New York, he will immediately own the city and become arguably the most popular athlete in the biggest city in America.

The Los Angeles Clippers will have a shot at signing the superstar free agent though as King James would have an All-Star caliber supporting cast and could quite possibly turn the Clippers into a title contender in the Western Conference.

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