Cleveland Cavaliers are on the verge of signing Tom Izzo

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are an absolute mess right now as they seem to be in desperation mode with all their efforts going towards trying to re-sign two-time NBA MVP and arguably the best player in the game in superstar LeBron James.

Not only does the future of this NBA franchise rests solely in the hands of LeBron James, but the team has gone to some drastic changes ever since getting knocked out the second round of the playoffs by the Boston Celtics.

Yes, LeBron James is on the top of their priority list, but what seems to be even more important before July 1 is finding a new head coach to lead the way for the Cleveland Cavaliers. There are plenty of candidates for this new head coach, but only two that the teams seem to be seriously considering.

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One of the two coaches that the Cleveland Cavaliers and owner Dan Gilbert had given serious consideration to and has former Los Angeles Lakers great and New Orleans Hornets head coach Byron Scott. Earlier in the NBA regular season this year, Byron Scott was given the boot in New Orleans after a very ugly start with the Hornets.

Much like Avery Johnson with the Dallas Mavericks a few years ago, Byron Scott was wrongfully fired in the public eye as he been very successful over the last few years as he had made the New Orleans Hornets relevant once again with help from All-Star point guard Chris Paul.

Despite Byron Scott not be able to motivate the New Orleans Hornets earlier in the season, the team’s front office didn’t really give their head coach time to turn things around and ultimately once he was gone the team drastically dropped in the standings and missed the playoffs.

There has been no shortage of great NBA coaches that have become available recently and Byron Scott is no exception, but the Cleveland Cavaliers seem to be heavily leaning towards signing Michigan State Spartans head coach Tom Izzo.

Even though Tom Izzo is a rookie on the professional level, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is quite found of him as he is a passionate supporter of Michigan State basketball.

Over his career with Michigan State Spartans, Tom Izzo has been very successful with six Final Four appearances and one NCAA championship title in 12 seasons. That is about as impressive as it gets on the college level and he has proven just about as much as you can in college basketball.

Obviously, Izzo isn’t exactly on the level of Duke Blue Devils head coach Mike Krzyzewski or Coach K has he is also known as, but the kind of success he has had in such a short amount of time is enough to prove his worth for another open head coaching position on either level.

Reportedly, the Cleveland Cavaliers have offered Tom Izzo a contract worth about $30 million dollars over the next five years. That salary is literally double what he makes now at Michigan State.

Despite Izzo saying that he would like to win one more NCAA title before making the jump to the NBA, the Detroit basketball legend is seriously considering taking the job.

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