Betting on Who Makes the U.S. Men’s Olympic Team

2016 olympic team candidates

(Originally published on Jan 22, 2016)
This week, the pool of 30 players has been announced, and as only 12 players will be chosen to join the 2016 Olympic Team, betting odds have been released. The Olympics are being held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and the U.S. team is need of the best players they can get from the NBA. Take a look at the top candidates, along with their odds, and see if there is any you would put your money on.

Player NBA Team Odds
Gordon Hayward Utah Jazz 20/1
Rudy Gay Sacramento Kings 20/1
Kenneth Faried Denver Nuggets 20/1
Harrison Barnes Golden State Warriors 20/1
Paul George Indiana Pacers 16/1
Dwight Howard Houston Rockets 11/1
Mike Conley Memphis Grizzlies 9/1
Kevin Love Cleveland Cavaliers 6/1
DeMar DeRozan Toronto Raptors 17/3
Bradley Beal Washington Wizards 17/3
DeAndre Jordan L.A. Clippers 9/2
Andre Iguodala Golden State Warriors 4/1
Jimmy Butler Chicago Bulls 7/3
Andre Drummond Detroit Pistons 2/1
John Wall Washington Wizards 13/7
Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors 11/9
DeMarcus Cousins Sacramento Kings 11/9
Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers 11/10
Blake Griffin L.A. Clippers 1/1
Draymond Green Golden State Warriors 10/11
Chris Paul L.A. Clippers 2/3
Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks 2/3
LeMarcus Aldridge San Antonio Spurs 7/13
Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder 3/7
Kawhi Leonard San Antonio Spurs 3/7
James Harden Houston Rockets 3/7
Anthony Davis New Orleans Pelicans 1/4
Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder 1/6
Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors 1/6
LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers 1/9


We can already tell who the favorites are to getting picked. With the most popular basketball players having the best odds of getting on the team, but there are 12 spots open, and they need different positions. If they take LeBron James and Kevin Durant, they may not need any more power forwards. The trick is to see which players are the most capable of filling the open positions, as those will most likely get picked. The coach may decide to take two or three players of each position, just as back-up. Betting on which player will get to play on the U.S. Olympic team may be tougher than expected.

Top NBA Fantasy Betting Picks

Basketball fantasy picks

With the start of October comes the start of the basketball season, and as the NBA players start to warm up for the regular season, the fans are starting to warm up their fantasy teams and leagues. Based off of the performances so far during the preseason, and how well they performed last season, there are certain players that will always rank high when trying to pick them for your fantasy team. Here are the top 5 players for each position:

Rank Player

Point Guard

1 Stephen Curry
2 Russell Westbrook
3 Chris Paul
4 Damian Lillard
5 John Wall

Shooting Guard

1 Stephen Curry
2 James Harden
3 Klay Thompson
4 Paul George
5 Jimmy Butler

Small Forward

1 LeBron James
2 Kevin Durant
3 Klay Thompson
4 Paul George
5 Kawhi Leonard

Power Forward

1 Anthony Davis
2 LeBron James
3 Kevin Durant
4 DeMarcus Cousings
5 Blake Griffin


1 Anthony Davis
2 DeMarcus Cousins
3 Chris Bosh
4 Serge Ibaka
5 Marc Gasol

These are some of the best players you will find in the NBA, so don’t be surprised if they are already gone by the time it is your turn to draft players. However, the good thing is that you can check out the top 20 picks for each position here, so you can always have a few backups just in case. There will always be players that have an amazing season, but were relatively unknown before. Here are four players that are the breakout candidates:

  • Isaiah Thomas, PG, Boston Celtics
  • Victor Oladipo, SG, Orlando Magic
  • Andrew Wiggins, SF, Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Harrison Barnes, SF, Golden State Warriors

Be sure to have your selections ready, seeing as how games are already being played, and the regular season will be here before you know it. It is always a good time to start making the best fantasy basketball team you can.

Looking At 5 Basketball Team Rosters

Basketball team rosters

As the 2015 NBA season is going on, we will take a look at the basketball players on five of the teams, the ones that are gone or the new players that have just arrived. This will give you a good way to gauge whether either of these teams has good chances of making it far, to the playoffs, or even to the final, hoping to get the next championship victory.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Players that are gone: No significant departures.
New Players: Karl-Anthony Towns, Tayshaun Prince, Tyus Jones, and Andre Miller.

Looking at the Timberwolves history we can see that they have had bad luck for at least 20 years, whether it was with poor management or bad luck in the Draft. However, this year things may be looking up as they got a few players that could truly turn the team around.

New York Knicks

Players that are gone: Quincy Acy, Cole Aldrich, Andrea Bargnani, Tim Hardaway, Jr., Shane Larkin, Jason Smith, and Alexey Shved.
New Players: Arron Afflalo, Jerian Grant, Robin Lopez, Kyle O’Quinn, Kristaps Porzingis, Kevin Seraphin, Sasha Vujacic, and Derrick Williams.

Even with the hiring of Phil Jackson, things do not look too good for the Knicks. With their only star on the team, Carmelo Anthony has just gotten through a surgery and is well into his 30’s, and may not be in his prime for much longer. Without another star player to compliment him, and then possibly take over, the Knicks may be going for a losing season.

L.A. Lakers

Players that are gone: Wesley Johnson, Jordan Hill, Ed Davis, and Jeremy Lin.
New Players: D’Angelo Russell, Roy Hibbert, Brandon Bass, Louis Williams, and Larry Nance Jr.

With Kobe Bryant nearing retirement age, the Lakers will not have him for very much longer; some speculate he is likely to leave after the 2015-16 season. Despite the fact that Kobe is still an amazing player, does nothing for the team actually winning the championship. The players that were traded and moves made by the team will have little impact this year, and will most likely start to show improvements in at least three years down the road.

Orlando Magic

Players that are gone: Ben Gordon, Maurice Harkless, Kyle O’Quinn, and Luke Ridnour.
New Players: Coach Scott Skiles, Mario Hezonja, Shabazz Napier, and CJ Watson.

Their biggest weapon this season would be the hiring of Scott Skiles as their coach. He has a lot of experience in the NBA, which is an advantage considering he is replacing Jacque Vaughn, who let his inexperience hurt the team. The main focus this season will be on developing the younger players, as well as fixing the big gap in defense; they were ranked 25th out of 30 teams last season.

Denver Nuggets

Players that are gone: Ty Lawson.
New Players: Emmanuel Mudiay, Coach Michael Malone, and ostas Panpanikolaou.

The Nuggets had a rough time last season, after they lost their star player, Ty Lawson, and didn’t really get anything in return. Bringing in Coach Michael Malone should bring in something positive, as his strategy is to have a cohesive team, with good relationships between players and coach. Rather than focusing entirely on getting people from the outside to help get the franchise back up and running, they invested heavily on the talent they already have; hopefully it will pay off for them in the long run.

No matter what, these five teams will have problems that they need to overcome if they want to have good chances of making it to the playoffs, so let’s hope their basketball is much better this season.

International Basketball Players Making Big Impact In NBA

Basketball International Players

It is always a good day when you see international names in the NBA Draft, especially if they are great basketball players to begin with. Sports is one of the aspects that make America great and why people love the country, as it gives many hope of getting a better life. This is why two players stand out when it comes to this aspect, with the majority of the NBA being players from within the US.

The first player, drafted during the first round in 2012, came to this country from Nigeria when he was 14 years old and is quickly becoming a famous name, Festus Ezeli. Ezeli is a center for the Golden State Warriors, and he was crucial in winning the 2015 NBA championship.

The second player, Satnam Singh came from India, a nation where basketball is hardly even mentioned as the children prefer to play cricket or rugby. He made history, especially for his small home town of Ballo Ke, as he was drafted during the second round of the 2015 Draft. He is not the only 7 foot person in his family, as he takes after his father.

We know that height doesn’t guarantee that you will be a good player, but apparently Singh is good enough to get drafted on to the Dallas Cowboys roster, so this international center will most definitely make a big debut in the NBA.

Basketball is quickly becoming more and more an international sport, and we certainly hope to see more players from other countries join the ranks in the professional league, as there is tons of talent everywhere.