Two College Betting Picks this Week

Two College Betting Picks this Week

College ball is always great to see some rivalry between teams and universities, and this week’s betting picks have a little of everything. With a lot of games happening on Tuesday, there is no time to waste to see which teams will most likely win and continue to move forward, or be left one more game behind. Let’s see if the Wildcats can overcome the huge point spread, or if Ole Miss can regain some of their old flair back.

Northwestern Wildcats @ Purdue Boilermakers

This is a long time rivalry between these two universities, and each game allows one team or the other to have gloating rights. The Wildcats will meet the Boilermakers in Mackey Arena, and with the odds stacked against them, they may need a lot of talent to win. Northwestern has lost six of their last eight games, while Purdue has won six of their last nine games and look primed to keep that streak going.

Northwestern Stats Purdue
72.2 points Average points 77.6 points
44.9% Shooting percent 45.9%
66.2 points Points Allowed 63.6 points
40.3% Shooting percent allowed 38.1%
35.3% Shooting from beyond arc 35.7%
66.5% Free throw line 74.2%
+13 Point Spread -13

Keep an eye out for the Purdue playmakers with A.J Hammons (14.5 ppg and 8 rebounds) and Vince Edwards (10.2 ppg and 3.1 assists), as they will surely be the force behind the scoring. The Northwestern bench isn’t bad, as they have Tre Demps (14.8 ppg and 3.5 rebounds) and Bryant McIntosh (14.3 ppg and 6.7 assists) on their side, so it will be an interesting match.

Pick: Purdue Boilermakers

Mississippi Rebels @ Texas A&M Aggies

Ole Miss will be facing Texas A&M on Tuesday and it doesn’t look good for the Rebels. Both teams have not done too well so far, each losing four of their last eight games, but the Aggies would need a win in order to break their four-game losing streak.

Ole Miss Stats Texas A&M
75.5 points Average points 76.1 points
42% Shooting percent 45.9%
72 points Points Allowed 65.8 points
42.6% Shooting percent allowed 40.9%
33.3% Shooting from beyond arc 36.9%
72.1% Free throw line 66%
+9.5 Point Spread -9.5

Both teams are quite evenly matched for this game, but Ole Miss does have one advantage at the free throw line; which could give them a second half advantage. They have Stefan Moody (23 ppg and 4.2 assists) and Sebastian Saiz (12.2 ppg and 9.3 rebounds) going up against the Aggies’ Jalen Jones (16 ppg and 6.9 rebounds) and Danuel House (15.8 ppg and 2.5 assists). It will be a close match, but the betting pick may not be the one you expected.

Pick: Ole Miss

Duke Beats Wisconsin In The NCAA College Basketball Championship

Duke Wins Basketball Tourney

In a surprising outcome, the Duke Blue Devils were able to beat Wisconsin to take the NCAAB Men’s championship and claim their title as the best college basketball team in the nation. It was a long and hard journey that they underwent, with a few close calls that could have cost them crucial points, but in the end beat their rival 68-63.

This would be Duke’s 5th NCAA basketball title, and a well deserved one. Wisconsin did an impressive job the first half of the game, where it looked like they would actually pull away and get a big lead. However, the experience of the Duke players proved to be more than what they could handle.

It was a hard battle between Frank Kaminsky and Jahlil Okafor, but with the team’s support with Tyus Jones, Grayson Allen, and Justise Winslow, they were able to comeback and outscore Wisconsin. Freshman superstar Tyus Jones was able to put up near perfect shooting stats, and was the person resposible in putting the nail in the coffin with his 3-pointer at 1:24 left.

The excitement will soon die down, and we all wish March Madness could come more than once a year! To get a recap of this great game just go to the NCAA official site.

NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Final: Wisconsin vs. Duke

NCAA Basketball Final

After five very intense games, the Wisconsin Badgers and the Duke Blue Devils have made it to the Championship final of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. It was certainly not an easy road that these two college teams had to go down to get here, but they played amazingly well.

The game will be played on April 6, in Indianapolis; home of the NCAA headquarters. Despite all efforts for one man to receive a very large payout, and the enjoyment of thousands of fans, Michigan State was unable to defeat Duke in the Final Four round. It was a competitive match, but ultimately Duke’s offense and defense were simply better.

The one surprise is that the favorite, Kentucky, did not make it to the final, but instead Wisconsin made a great effort on the court and beat them by 7 points. How it happens most years, the top teams make it to the final yet again; other than that year where all the underdogs started winning, this is pretty much the trend.

The odds are slightly in Winsconsin’s favor, where most sportsbooks are playing it safe and simply giving them a (-1) point spread. It will basically be left up to which team wins, rather than by how many points they win. Seeing as how both teams are quite evenly matched, it would seem the game might come down to a one point difference.

You can watch the final college basketball match live here.

Man Could Win $1 Million if Michigan State Wins NCAA Basketball Tournament

$20K bet on Michigan State

We all know that during highly competitive sporting tournaments there is betting, and more so when it comes to the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. Derek Stevens is a regular at the Golden Nugget’s sportsbook, where he occasionally goes in to place a sports bet. This time, he decided to put some money on March Madness, which is all the hype at the moment.

He saw that the odds at the time for Michigan State to win the championship were 50-1, so he decided to place $20,000 on them to go all the way. However, Stevens had to get special permission from the sportsbook owner, as they usually do not allow large wagers that could give them such enormous losses. He finally got approved and placed the bet, as you can see from the ticket stub above.

The basketball tournament is almost at the end, where they are on the Final Four stage, and one of the team’s are the Spartans. The favorite, Kentucky, will have a tough time against Wisconsin, but many believe they will pass to the final. This would have the underdog Michigan State against the tournament favorite Kentucky.

It would be unprecedented for this game to go to the Spartan team, but it could happen. Stevens must be getting very happy to see how his large bet is fairing, and will most likely be wearing white and green for the remainder of the college basketball tournament. We wish him good luck!

NCAA Basketball Tournament, Elite Eight Round Tough Competition

NCAA Basketball Elite Eight

College basketball fans rejoice! The Elite Eight round is about to start tomorrow, along with the eight best team’s in the nation. As the team’s get ready for their upcoming battles, so do their fans, whether they are at home or at Las Vegas placing a few bets. Being the most watched tournament, even more than the NBA, March Madness is truly incredible to watch.

The teams and matchups for the Elite Eight round are:


1 Kentucky

3 Notre Dame

March 28

8:49 PM


1 Wisconsin

2 Arizona

March 28

6:09 PM


4 Louisville

7 Michigan St.

March 29

2:20 PM


1 Duke

2 Gonzaga

March 29

5:05 PM

A lot of basketball fans have been watching closely, that includes the sportsbooks. Kentucky is actually given the best odds of beating Notre Dame, as well as given odds of 5/7 of winning the entire tournament. We have learned that there are no certainties when it comes to March Madness, as there are always upsets when you least expect them.