Betting on Who Makes the U.S. Men’s Olympic Team

2016 olympic team candidates

(Originally published on Jan 22, 2016)
This week, the pool of 30 players has been announced, and as only 12 players will be chosen to join the 2016 Olympic Team, betting odds have been released. The Olympics are being held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and the U.S. team is need of the best players they can get from the NBA. Take a look at the top candidates, along with their odds, and see if there is any you would put your money on.

Player NBA Team Odds
Gordon Hayward Utah Jazz 20/1
Rudy Gay Sacramento Kings 20/1
Kenneth Faried Denver Nuggets 20/1
Harrison Barnes Golden State Warriors 20/1
Paul George Indiana Pacers 16/1
Dwight Howard Houston Rockets 11/1
Mike Conley Memphis Grizzlies 9/1
Kevin Love Cleveland Cavaliers 6/1
DeMar DeRozan Toronto Raptors 17/3
Bradley Beal Washington Wizards 17/3
DeAndre Jordan L.A. Clippers 9/2
Andre Iguodala Golden State Warriors 4/1
Jimmy Butler Chicago Bulls 7/3
Andre Drummond Detroit Pistons 2/1
John Wall Washington Wizards 13/7
Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors 11/9
DeMarcus Cousins Sacramento Kings 11/9
Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers 11/10
Blake Griffin L.A. Clippers 1/1
Draymond Green Golden State Warriors 10/11
Chris Paul L.A. Clippers 2/3
Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks 2/3
LeMarcus Aldridge San Antonio Spurs 7/13
Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder 3/7
Kawhi Leonard San Antonio Spurs 3/7
James Harden Houston Rockets 3/7
Anthony Davis New Orleans Pelicans 1/4
Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder 1/6
Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors 1/6
LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers 1/9


We can already tell who the favorites are to getting picked. With the most popular basketball players having the best odds of getting on the team, but there are 12 spots open, and they need different positions. If they take LeBron James and Kevin Durant, they may not need any more power forwards. The trick is to see which players are the most capable of filling the open positions, as those will most likely get picked. The coach may decide to take two or three players of each position, just as back-up. Betting on which player will get to play on the U.S. Olympic team may be tougher than expected.

Three Game Betting Picks, Warriors Big Favorite

Basketball game favorites

This week there have been some really intense basketball being played, and as some teams move to keep their winning streaks going, there could be opponents poised to stop that momentum. With all of the eyes on the championship winners from last season, the Golden State Warriors are definite favorites to beat the Denver Nuggets in Fridays match. There are a few others that are also in the running including the Indiana Pacers and their two-consecutive wins going up against the Miami Heat, and with the declining Lakers franchise going up against the poorly ranked Nets.


The Warriors have been the ultimate favorite for any sports fan, as they have been doing amazingly so far this season. So far they are going on a five-game winning streak, with three at home and two away. However, the Nuggets have done better on the road than at home, but they won’t win just because of this.

Spread Over/Under
Warriors (-17.5) Over (211)

They are averaging a spread of 20.8 points per game, but the scores that stand out are when they play horrible teams; beating the Grizzlies by 50 points and the Rockets by 20 points. The Nuggets could keep the score close during the first half, but with Stephen Curry at point they don’t stand a chance.


This game will be a pretty even matchup, as both teams have been struggling to get their performance up. In the end, the two-game streak that the Pacers are coming off, in combination with a back-to-back game for the Heat, it is slightly in favor of the Pacers winning.

Spread Over/Under
Pacers (+1) Under (205)

With the home court advantage, it is possible for the Pacers to not only cover the spread, but indeed outright win the game.


It is not surprising that most sportsbooks are making the Lakers the underdogs for this game, seeing as how poorly they have been playing; going on a 4-game losing streak. However, the Nets are not better off, with 5 consecutive losses so far this season, they would be a prime target to give the Lakers their first win.

Spread Over/Under
Lakers (+3.5) Under (207)

When betting on this game, just remember, it is a battle to see which one of the worst teams in the NBA is not as bad as the other. In this case, we would go with the Lakers to be not as bad. These basketball games give you a favorite and two underdogs to watch closely, as they could surprise you.

Bar Set High For Final Four Round of NCAA Basketball

Final Four Basketball Round

The Final Four round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament is almost here, and the stakes are very high! The Kentucky Wildcats, Wisconsin Badgers, and the Duke Blue Devils have been and still are rated as the top teams of this tournament, and against all odds, Michigan State was able to beat Louisville and secure their place in the semi-finals.

Not only does each team have to play like they are the best, and live up to the expectations of thousands of fans and alumni, but they are fighting it out to be the best college basketball team in the nation. The stakes are quite high, as they usually are when we get to the Final Four round each year.

According to the Bovada online sportsbook, the odds for each game are:


Point Spread

Michigan State








You can already tell that the sportsbooks are going to keep the odds quite conservative, since at this point in the tournament each team has shown us exactly what they are capable of. Place your bets on your preferred team now, before the lines start to move, and then just sit back and enjoy the most competitive college basketball games you will see for the rest of the year.

NCAA Basketball Tournament, Elite Eight Round Tough Competition

NCAA Basketball Elite Eight

College basketball fans rejoice! The Elite Eight round is about to start tomorrow, along with the eight best team’s in the nation. As the team’s get ready for their upcoming battles, so do their fans, whether they are at home or at Las Vegas placing a few bets. Being the most watched tournament, even more than the NBA, March Madness is truly incredible to watch.

The teams and matchups for the Elite Eight round are:


1 Kentucky

3 Notre Dame

March 28

8:49 PM


1 Wisconsin

2 Arizona

March 28

6:09 PM


4 Louisville

7 Michigan St.

March 29

2:20 PM


1 Duke

2 Gonzaga

March 29

5:05 PM

A lot of basketball fans have been watching closely, that includes the sportsbooks. Kentucky is actually given the best odds of beating Notre Dame, as well as given odds of 5/7 of winning the entire tournament. We have learned that there are no certainties when it comes to March Madness, as there are always upsets when you least expect them.

All-American College Basketball Team Of 2015

College basketball all-American

As the NCAA Basketball tournament is about to start, fans are always speculating on which players will be chosen as the All-American team of the year. This, of course, leads to Basketball betting not only on the NCAA, but on props like which players will get chosen.

This is why this year we have actually agreed with the guess from The five players that we have picked for the line-up, which have stood out the most for their performance, teamwork, and overall skill are:

  • Frank Kaminsky, Senior: a Center for Wisconsin, his 7-feet stature helps him be an aggressive three-point offensive player, as well as a dangerous defender.
  • Jahlil Okafor, Freshman: a Center for Duke, he is 270 pounds and 6-foot-11, and has an amazing arm with the second highest field goal percentage (66.8%) in the nation.
  • Jerian Grant, Senior: a Point Guard for Notre Dame, has led the team in points, assists, and steals, as well as being responsible for their return to fame and glory.
  • Willie Cauley-Stein, Junior: a Center for Kentucky, even with little game time he has been able to help his team to victory.
  • D’Angelo Russell, Freshman: a Guard for Ohio State, is a good scorer, but stands out more for his amazing skill at passing to his teammates in difficult situations.

There are many other great players that could be mentioned, but these five have made their mark this year, and hopefully we will see them in action during the NCAA tournament, i.e. March Madness. Check out what others have predicted, and possibly place some action on the college basketball betting lines.

10 Naismith Trophy National Semifinalists Announced

NCAA Basketball Naismith Trophy

The top 10 national semifinalists for the men’s Naismith Trophy were announced earlier this week. Which means that anyone basketball betting will want to know these names and follow them throughout March Madness. These Top 10 semifinalists will be narrowed down to just four finalists on March 22, right after the Second and Third rounds have been played.

The winner of the 2015 Men’s Naismith Trophy will be announced the day before the championship final on April 5 in Indianapolis; where the Final 4 and the Final Championship Game will be held. The top 10 semifinalists are:






Willie Cauley-Stein Kentucky



Jerian Grant Notre Dame



Frank Kaminsky Wisconsin



Big 10
Jahlil Okafor Duke



Kevin Pangos Gonzaga



West Coast
Cameron Payne Murray State



Ohio Valley
D’Angelo Russell Ohio State



Big 10
Seth Tuttle Northern Iowa



Missouri Valley
Kyle Wiltjer Gonzaga



West Coast
Delon Wright Utah



Pac 12

For those that are going to watch the college basketball games should look out for these players, as they will definitely live up to their reputation. There are two excellent Freshmen this year that have been impressing everyone, and it would be interesting to see at least one make it into the four finalists.