Can the Portland Trail Blazers compete with the Phoenix Suns without Brandon Roy?

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Staff Writer: Ryan Ward

One of the most disappointing realities in professional sports today is the possibility of injuries heading into the postseason. No matter what teams do to avoid or prevent injuries, it is just something that happens and it’s inevitable and many cases.

Even though injuries are just part of the game in a matter what sport it is, some teams just seem to be cursed it comes to big name players constantly watching from the bench said if contributing on the floor.

One of those teams in the NBA is the Portland Trail Blazers as ever single-season they seem to be played with injuries that prevent them from getting to the next level in the extremely competitive Western Conference.

When the Blazers are healthy they are without a doubt a force to be reckoned with in the Western Conference as they have a talented young core of players that continue to improve with every passing season. The problem is that their best all around player and their former number one draft pick up a few years ago continue to be injury prone and out of the lineup when the team needs him the most.

About three years ago the Portland Trail Blazers have the first overall pick in the NBA draft. It was a big debate on who should go number one as they were two very talented players available in scoring machine Kevin Durant out of Texas hand the next best center in the league in Greg Oden out of Ohio State.

No matter which player you thought was better or which player you thought should have been picked first for the Blazers, everyone seemed to have a valid argument in the debate on who should have been picked first was dead even.

Ultimately, the Portland Trail Blazers decided to go with promising young center Greg Oden as they already had arguably one of the best guards in the league in Brandon Roy which most likely prevented them from taking Kevin Durant.

Three years later, Kevin Durant is arguably one of the best players in the league and has become the youngest player ever to win a scoring title in the NBA. Greg Oden on the other hand has even been able to finish a full 82 game season for the Blazers yet.

Even though it’s pretty obvious that he Portland Trail Blazers would have been a better team with Kevin Durant on the roster, they are still amongst the best teams in the Western Conference and are the sixth seed heading into the playoffs against the Phoenix Suns.

Unfortunately, the Blazers will be without both Greg Oden and Brandon Roy for the first round matchup with Steve Nash and company. This is a huge hit to say the least, the team anticipated being without Oden, but not without Roy who is arguably their best all around player biggest offensive threat at 21.5 points per game.

Without Brandon Roy in the lineup, the Blazers the Portland will be looking towards power forward LaMarcus Aldridge for leadership on the floor at points on the board. This may be the biggest deciding factor in this first round matchup between the Suns and the Blazers.

Despite not having Brandon Roy for the first round playoffs, I do believe the Blazers can compete and beat the Suns in a seven-game series, but the scales differently tilt in Phoenix’s favor as they have the experience and the firepower to overcome the Blazers youth.

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