Can the New Jersey Nets avoid being the worst team in NBA history?

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Staff Writer:  Ryan Ward

Every single season in the NBA, you have the elite teams, the playoff teams and the worst teams. Most of the time these teams are the same as elite team stay elite, the playoff teams stay playoff bound and the worst teams are still terrible.

This season we see more of the same as the defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers are still on top in the West, the Cleveland Cavaliers on top in the East and teams like the Boston Celtics and the Denver Nuggets are playoff bound. One thing that has stayed the same might so bad that it breaks records is that the New Jersey Nets have only won an unbelievable seven games this season.

The worst record in NBA history for a team is only nine wins for an entire 82 game season by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 71-72 season. That is pretty damn pitiful just doesn’t get worse than, at least until this season where there is only 13 games left in the NBA regular season for the New Jersey Nets and have to win at least two of them just to tie the 76ers back in the early 70s.

Most teams would look at the last 13 games of the season, even worst teams in the league, and think that two wins is not all that difficult, but point guard Devin Harris and company will have the daunting task of trying to win just two games and hopefully three to avoid being the worst team in NBA history.

Personally, but I never thought it would say this about a team, but I don’t think I can do it as if they haven’t won nine games at this point this season, they never will in my opinion and deserve to go down in history as the worst team in NBA history.

Here is the New Jersey Nets remaining schedule:

March 22nd Miami Heat Prediction: Loss

March 24th Sacramento Kings Prediction: possible Win, but Loss

March 26th Detroit Pistons Prediction: possible Win, but Loss

March 27th @ Chicago Bulls Prediction: possible Win, but Loss

March 29th San Antonio Spurs Prediction: Loss

March 31st Phoenix Suns Prediction: Loss

April 3rd New Orleans Hornets Prediction: possible Win, Loss

April 4th @ Washington Wizards Prediction: possible Win, Loss

April 7th @ Milwaukee Bucks Prediction: Loss

April 9th Chicago Bulls Prediction: Loss

April 10th @ Indiana Pacers Prediction: Win

April 12th Charlotte Bobcats Prediction: possible Win, but Loss

April 14th @ Miami Heat Prediction: Loss

Now the New Jersey Nets aren’t without their opportunities to finish the season so I don’t think they have any excuse at season’s end.

Best chance to avoid NBA history:

Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons and Washington Wizards

These are very beatable teams right now as none of them are fighting to make the playoffs and are really struggling to finish out the season. The Pistons looked like a playoff bound season before the season started, but fell flat on their face and are playing terrible. The Pacers, much like the Pistons, looked like a playoff team, but have been awful this season. The Wizards traded away any player of value and basically gave up on the year after the Gilbert Arenas ordeal.

The Nets have the chances, they just need to take advantage and for their sake I hope they do.

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