Can the Boston Celtics compete with LeBron James and company?

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Staff Writer: Ryan Ward

The first round of the NBA playoffs was a fairly easy one for the Boston Celtics as they made quick work of Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat in just five games. At times the Heat looked like they could give Kevin Garnett and company a run for their money, but once the Celtics turned on the defensive pressure and showed that they had no intentions of going home early, the series was over and Boston moved on to the second round to face LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In the first game of this second round series, the Boston Celtics absolutely dominated the Cleveland Cavaliers through the first three quarters, but in the fourth the Cavs turned it on and pulled away from the Celtics to win convincingly.

Despite the disappointing loss, the Boston Celtics showed that they could play and compete with Mike Brown’s squad as they had no fear of the conference favorites.

In game two, Kevin Garnett and company showed why they aren’t done yet as they proved to the Cleveland Cavaliers, on their home floor at Quicken Loans Arena, that they can hang and beat this team in a seven-game series. It was an absolute blowout and an embarrassing loss in from the home crowd for the Cavs and really made people doubt whether or not the Cavs could compete for an NBA title.

Even though the chips were down and many people were starting to believe that the Boston Celtics were the better team in the series, game three was another story altogether as LeBron James just flipped the switch and crushed the Celtics in the first half with 28 points. After LeBron went off, the Celtics had no hope of getting back into the game and eventually lost by 29 points and will head into game four down 2-1.

Personally, I believe the Boston Celtics still have what it takes to pull off the unlikely upset over the Cleveland Cavaliers as Doc Rivers’ squad does one thing exceptionally well, play defense.

The Boston Celtics obviously have no answer for LeBron James, neither does any team for that matter, but they do have an answer for the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers and if they can force the role players to step up then they have a good chance of advancing to Eastern conference finals.

Heading into game four of this series, the Celtics will be in a must win situation as heading back to Cleveland down 3-1 will be devastating and almost an unwinnable situation.

From here on out it will be extremely difficult for the Celtics to actually compete in the series, but with all the veterans on this team with playoff experience I believe they can do it. Game four will be a big deciding factor in the series as you will see whether or not the boys in green have what it takes to consistently beat the Cavs and show that they are ready for one more title run before the big three either leave town or decide hang them up.

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