Can Brandon Roy lead into the second round of the playoffs?

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The Portland Trail Blazers have had another successful NBA regular season as they were able to crack the 50 win mark and head into the playoffs with the sixth seed in the Western Conference. Even though the Blazers were looking good heading into the postseason, their best all around player Brandon Roy went down with a knee injury just before the playoffs and was thought to miss the entire first round against the Phoenix Suns.

In the first game of their seven game series with Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns, the Portland Trail Blazers were able to pull off the upset and beat the Suns on their home floor at US Airways Arena in Arizona.

This game one victory was a big surprise to say the least as the Blazers basically were thought to be dominated by the Suns without Brandon Roy in the lineup. Fortunately for Portland, point guard Andre Miller had a career night by scoring 31 points and dishing out eight assists. Ultimately Miller’s inspired performance was enough to lead the Blazers to a 105-100 victory.

Even though the Blazers seemed to have momentum on their side heading into game two against the Suns, Phoenix had no intentions of going to Portland down 2-0 as they absolutely dominated the Blazers and took game two with a 29 point blowout 119-90.

Obviously, after this blowout victory in game two by the Phoenix Suns the power shifted back to Steve Nash and company in this series and the balance was restored.
In game three, the series headed to the Rose Garden in Portland which is arguably one of the toughest places to play in the NBA. With the Blazers getting dominated in game two, it was thought that they would be able to go up 2-1 in game three as they would be playing in front of their hostile home crowd, but the Suns came out and dominated again with a 19 point victory 108-89.

Needless to say, many people believed this series was over as the Portland Trail Blazers just looked tired and outmatched and on the verge of elimination. Even though the consensus was that it was just a matter of time before the Phoenix Suns would advance to the second round, game four was a breath of fresh air for Nate McMillan’s squad as the Blazers witnessed the return of Brandon Roy.

Coming into this series with the Phoenix Suns, the Portland Trail Blazers got the news that Brandon Roy would miss the first round with a knee injury which required surgery. Even though most people that have knee surgery need a good amount of time before they can fully recover, Roy was determined to get back on the basketball floor. Just eight days before game four, Brandon Roy underwent surgery on his knee, but apparently that was enough time to heal up and get ready to lead his team to victory in game four.

Despite reports of Brandon Roy possibly starting game four, the All-Star guard ended up coming off the bench instead and playing a total of 27 minutes in which he scored 10 points. Even though 10 points isn’t much, just the presence of Roy helped power forward LaMarcus Aldridge get some open shots.

Ultimately, Roy coming back early was a good idea for the Blazers as they were able to even up the series at 2-2 and give hope to Portland that this series is not over yet!

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