Betting On Votes For Best NBA Franchises

San Antonio Spurs win basketball game.
Basketball fan votes

With the NBA preseason still underway, and the basketball regular season quickly closing in, asked fans to vote for their favorite franchise. However, not only did they vote for NBA teams, but also for NFL, NHL, and MLB franchises. They used this information to determine just how good a team or franchise is viewed by the fans, not only based on current standings and performance. They take into account different aspects like coaches, previous wins, and even the most affordable team.

Rank Franchise Overall Position (out of 122)
1 San Antonio Spurs 1
2 Memphis Grizzlies 2
3 Oklahoma City Thunder 7
4 Indiana Pacers 13
5 Golden State Warriors 16
6 Miami Heat 21
7 Dallas Mavericks 22
8 Atlanta Hawks 29
9 Cleveland Cavaliers 34
10 Houston Rockets 35
11 New Orleans Pelicans 36
12 Utah Jazz 40
13 Los Angeles Clippers 42
14 Boston Celtics 57
15 Washington Wizards 63
16 Milwaukee Bucks 65
17 Chicago Bulls 66
18 Orlando Magic 70
19 Portland Trail Blazers 71
20 Charlotte Hornets 83
21 Detroit Pistons 84
22 Toronto Raptors 94
23 Sacramento Kings 96
24 Minnesota Timberwolves 97
25 Philadelphia 76ers 98
26 Los Angeles Lakers 101
27 Phoenix Suns 107
28 Brooklyn Nets 111
29 Denver Nuggets 119
30 New York Knicks 121

Every basketball fan loves to hate on the New York Knicks, which is probably why they are not only placed last among other NBA teams, but also second-to-last against all sports franchises in the United States. If they want to put a positive spin on this, they can always say that any news is good news!

We have the San Antonio Spurs coming in first spot, after being there in 2013 and 2015, along with the Memphis Grizzlies coming in second, but were first in 2014. These two teams continue to rank extremely high not only due to their endless talent they have on their teams, but because they are good at winning games. They also have a great coach and coaching staff, and even the owner played a part in them coming in first place again this year. Let’s see what this next basketball season has in store for these teams, and hopefully they will keep impressing all sports fans.

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