Basketball Player Tries To Use Shoe To Block Shot

basketball player shoe

During a game in the Philippine Basketball Association, forward Rico Maierhofer lost his shoe while defending, and an interesting thing happened. He did not try to put the shoe back on, but rather used it as an extension of his already long arm to try and block his opponent.

Gabriel Espinas, a forward for the San Miguel Beermen, was going up for a close shot, Maierhofer used his shoe to try and block it. He did not manage to block the shot, but it did force Espinas to pass the ball instead of shoot. This led to a turnover, so you could say that the shoe strategy worked in the end.

This was a bizarre occurrence, and one we would never find in the NBA, with the obvious rules and regulations put in place to make these kinds of actions illegal; although Meirhofer could have been given a technical foul for using a foreign object in the game. It did give the game some flare, so that was good.

With that said, the Cleveland Cavaliers will move on to the finals of the 2015 NBA championship as they went 4-0 against the Atlanta Hawks. It is also looking good for the GS Warriors, as they lead 3-1 in the series against the Houston Rockets. Let’s hope they can drop the other shoe and move on to the finals.

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