Are the Dallas Mavericks good enough to the reach the NBA Finals?

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Staff Writer: Ryan Ward

The Western Conference in the NBA is by far the most competitive conference of the two in the league today as the majority of the best teams in basketball compete for the eight playoff spots in the West.
Over the last three years or so the Los Angeles Lakers have been the most dominant team in the West as they have been the number one overall seed in the Western Conference for three years running including this season.
Even though the defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers will be the team to beat in the Western Conference playoffs, they will have their fair share of competition this year as there are plenty of teams in the conference that might appeal to pull off the upset given the chance.
Every single team in the Western Conference playoffs has a solid shot at making it all the way to the Western Conference finals, but there are only a couple but I believe can really make it that far and possibly become NBA champions this season.
The one team more than any in the West that has a chance of upsetting Los Angeles Lakers is Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks. Before the All-Star break this season the Dallas Mavericks were really struggled after getting off to a good start in the beginning of the year. The Mavs went from possible title contender to a team struggling to make the playoffs, but Mark Cuban was not to let his team slipped too far as he pulled the trigger on a trade that would completely turn around the team and eventually have them clinching the second seed in the Western Conference.
The trade involved sending troubled small forward Josh Howard and veteran power forward Drew Gooden to the Washington Wizards in exchange for All-Star caliber forward Ron Butler, center Brendan Haywood and guard DeShawn Stevenson.
Ultimately this deal has turned out to be one of the best deals made before the NBA trade deadline on February 18th. Not only did the Dallas Mavericks becoming much better team all around with the addition of these three players, but they also became arguably the deepest team in the NBA today.
As a result of the trade the Mavs really haven’t looked back as they will now face their in-state and division rivals in the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of playoffs.
Even though in the past the San Antonio Spurs were a team that the Dallas Mavericks did not want to face at any time during the playoffs, this time around times this change as the Spurs will be entered are coming into this series and have the daunting task of trying to stop one of the most talented teams in the NBA.
Personally, I believe the Dallas Mavericks will advance fairly easily in the first round against the San Antonio Spurs. Tim Duncan and company are no longer the dynasty caliber team they once were and are not in any younger.
With that being said, the Mavs showed advanced to the second round of the playoffs and in my opinion have a great shot of making always the NBA finals if they can beat the Los Angeles Lakers in a seven-game series.

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