Are the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Finals bound?

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Staff Writer: Ryan Ward

All season long the defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers have been the favorite to repeat and basically dominate the league once again. This isn’t a bad prediction as Lakers have been arguably the best team in the league the last two seasons and will head into the playoffs for the third straight year as a number one seed in the Western Conference.

Despite everybody going for Kobe Bryant and company this year, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been arguably the best team in the league throughout the regular season and as another plus, they have beaten the defending champs twice this season in convincing fashion.

Obviously the playoffs or another beast altogether and the Cleveland Cavaliers to be the first team to admit to that as they went into the playoffs last season as the favorite to win it all and were absolutely dominated by the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference finals.

Even though the Cavs really didn’t stand a chance against Dwight Howard and company last season in the playoffs, this year might be another story altogether as Cleveland has done all he can do in the off-season and during the season to upgrade their roster in order to compete with the likes of the Orlando Magic when the time comes.

The one move to the Cleveland Cavaliers made in the off-season was making a trade to bring in future Hall of fame center Shaquille O’Neal to help defend Dwight Howard in the paint come playoff time. Long with Shaq, the Cavs also made another deal during regular season before the NBA trade deadline on February 18th to bring in versatile All-Star caliber forward Antawn Jamison from the Washington Wizards.

Not only was the trade to bring in Jamison an absolute steal as they gave up virtually nothing to bring in an All-Star caliber player, but they lost improve their chances of re-signing LeBron James in the off-season and creating a dynasty in Cleveland for the first time in the franchise’s history.

Even though LeBron James is future the Cleveland Cavaliers is very much up in the air, an NBA title this season would definitely improve their chances of locking him up for the next five years or so and keeping him in Cleveland Cavaliers uniform.

Until July 1st this summer when LeBron James officially becomes a free agent, the Cleveland Cavaliers will attempt to make franchise history by getting to their second NBA Finals appearance and win their first NBA title.

The Eastern Conference playoffs may not be filled with as many talented teams like we see in the Western Conference, but the Cleveland Cavaliers will definitely have their work cut out for them as they will have to compete with the Orlando Magic, Boston Celtics and the Atlanta Hawks at one point or another in order to advance to the NBA Finals.
As of right now, I believe the Cleveland Cavaliers are the favorites to come out of the East and will advance to the NBA Finals.

Can they beat the Los Angeles Lakers in a seven game series?

Remains to be seen, but if these two teams do end up facing off it might be one of the most entertaining NBA Finals series in recent memory.

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