Are the Charlotte Bobcats a serious threat in the Eastern Conference?

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Staff Writer:  Ryan Ward

For quite some time now the Eastern Conference has been by far the worst conference in the NBA as they have taken a back seat to the West ever since the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers traded NBA title back and forth over the last decade or so.

Even though the Boston Celtics were able to win the NBA title a couple of seasons ago, ironically against the Los Angeles Lakers, the Eastern Conference still has taken a back seat to the West and will do so for the foreseeable future.

It’s not that the Eastern Conference has top teams they can compete with the Western Conference, but the teams in the West are much more competitive and a lot more talented all around as one through ten or eleven can have over .500 records.

This season the same can be said about the Eastern conference as there are a couple title contenders like the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Orlando Magic, a few dominant teams like the Boston Celtics Atlanta Hawks, but from there on down the East is pretty much mediocre is all the rest of the teams that will make the playoffs have done so subpar records and subpar basketball.

There are two teams in the East though that I believe if they peaked at the right time could compete with the best in the conference and be a force to be reckoned with come playoff time.

First team is the Milwaukee Bucks will burst back on the scene with a flamboyant rookie point guard Brandon Jennings who could light up the scoreboard on any given night and lead his team to victory. The Bucks are still young team and they will be without their leading scorer in Michael Redd who is out for the season once again, but I believe they could make the second round and possibly even Eastern conference finals if they can find a way to beat either the Orlando Magic with a Cleveland Cavaliers.

Another team in the East that is burst onto the scene similar to the Milwaukee Bucks is the Charlotte Bobcats. Ever since the Bobcats became an expansion team in the NBA they have been amongst the worst teams in the league year in and year out, but the state season many things have changed in the Charlotte Bobcats organization as they have a new owner in Hall of Fame guard Michael Jordan and have been able to turn things around this season.

At the beginning of this NBA regular season, the Charlotte Bobcats really struggled with their offense of production as they just simply couldn’t score points or enough points to win on a consistent basis. Fortunately, they were able to turn things around after making the trade for scoring machine Stephen Jackson from the Golden State Warriors.

Stephen Jackson is always been a wild card in the NBA and not considered team player, there is since he has arrived in Charlotte, the controversial scorer has been happy with his role and kept his mouth shut.

As a result, Gerald Wallace, Raymond Felton and Stephen Jackson have been come a deadly combination which will most likely lead them into the playoffs for the first time in franchise history,

The one thing that has been most impressive about the Charlotte Bobcats this season has been their ability to dominate in Charlotte with only eight losses on their home floor and have been able to beat the Eastern Conference leading Cleveland Cavaliers three out of four times this season.

With that being said, if they can somehow get matched up with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs have a good chance of beating them in a seven-game series which definitely makes him a force to be reckoned with and a serious threat to upset the Cavs.

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