Are the Boston Celtics still a title contender?

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Staff Writer: Ryan Ward

Over the past two seasons the Boston Celtics have gotten back to superpower status in the Eastern conference in the entire NBA for that matter, but even though the Celtics have gotten back from a title contending map every single season since winning another NBA title in 2008, the team is not gaining younger as it is led by three aging veterans the most likely don’t have much time left playing at a high level in the NBA.

Couple years ago when the Boston Celtics made a trade to acquire Kevin Garnett from the Minnesota Timberwolves, they instantly became a playoff team once again, but few people anticipated how good they would really play with KG in the paint. Along with KG, the Celtics decided to get one of the purest shooters of all time and Ray Allen from Seattle Supersonics for now known as the Oklahoma City Thunder.

It was pretty obvious that both of these players are no longer in their prime, still great players in arguably amongst the best at their positions, but no longer the dominant players of old deleted team all by themselves. The combination of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and longtime Boston Celtics small forward Paul Pierce was a deadly one at that as they just tore through 2008 NBA season with reckless abandon and led the Boston Celtics back to greatness with an NBA title in the first season together.

Last season in the Boston Celtics title defense, the boys in green started to feel their age as they have been riddled with injuries from time to time, but biggest injury came to Kevin Garnett’s knee before the playoffs if ultimately kept him out and on the sidelines for the rest of the year.

Without KG patrolling the paint, the Boston Celtics were receiving no contest for the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Orlando Magic and were even able to make it to the Eastern Conference finals as they could only watch from home as Dwight Howard and company went on to face their arch rivals in the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals.

Despite not be able to repeat as NBA champs were even really compete with the got in the playoffs due to KG’s injured knee, the Boston Celtics had high hopes coming into this season as they still have the same team relatively intact and everyone back healthy.

Unfortunately, all the title contending teams in the Eastern conference like the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Orlando Magic made considerable upgrades in the off-season and improve their team said it is becoming one year older like the Boston Celtics.

Celtics didn’t just stand by and just watch the rest of the league improve their rosters as they went out and got some themselves big name free agent as well in veteran versatile forward Rasheed Wallace.

Even though signing Wallace was a step in the right direction as he could help defend the paint we KG and bring some offense off the bench, he’s still an aging veterans and like the big three no longer in his prime.

As of right now, the Boston Celtics are leading the Atlantic division and will almost certainly win the division unless they fall into a slump and the Toronto Raptors go on a tear in the second half of the regular season.

With that being said, the Boston Celtics will make another run in the NBA playoffs, but I don’t believe there will the hang against much younger and much more motivated teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Orlando Magic this time around.

It has been a good run for Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce, but all good things have to come to an end and after this season I believe it will in Boston as GM Danny Ainge will most likely start dismantling the team to rebuild around All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo.

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