Another Basketball Player Joins Lawsuit Against U. Of Illinois

Illinois coach named in lawsuit
Illinois Womens Basketball

It would seem that not everything is alright in the world of college basketball, as the University of Illinois former women’s players have filed a lawsuit against not only the school, but have also named the Coach Matt Bollant, former assistant Mike Divilbiss, among others.

This $10 million lawsuit is due to an alleged racially hostile environment provided by those involved. There were seven players in the original lawsuit, and just today an eighth player joined in, stating that she was “definitely mistreated” and “definitely alienated”.

Out of the 8 players, 6 of them are African American, as they state that they, as well as those white players that helped them, were treated in a much different manner, a much more hostile form as the other players on the team. If this proves to be true, it will be a sad day for college basketball.

Not in the sense that it is players vs. coaches, but rather that racism and inequality still run strong in certain segments of society that shouldn’t, like in an educated place like college. We will have to wait and see the proof and hope which ever judge presides over this case can see the truth.

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